GOVSolv Grant Program

With billions of dollars available from government and private funding, grants are an extremely important part of your public sector customers’ budgets. SYNNEX GOVSolv provides our partners with the tools they need to win federal and SLED opportunities. Use SYNNEX’ Grant Program to become a trusted advisor to your customers, enjoy larger margins on your products and services, add incremental sales, bring in new funding streams, and enable you to help organizations that may not currently be purchasing from you due to budget  concerns. For additional information on the SYNNEX Grant Program, join our GOVSolv Community here.


One of our benefits is full membership access to and all of their resources

  • Find new grant opportunities in their searchable databases
  • Build a strong program with their strategic planning tools
  • Write powerful proposals using step-by-step tutorials


Follow the steps below in order to fully understand how Grants benefit you:

Step 1 – SYNNEX Grants Playbook

The SYNNEX Grants Playbook will help you understand grants

Step 2 – End-User Questions

Ask these questions to see if your end-user could be eligible for a grant.

Step 3 – Access GrantStation

View GrantStation to find new grant opportunities.

Step 4 – Contact AGWA

Contact AGWA for grant writing assistance, fees applicable.


Step 4 – Find a Grant Writer

Use the link to Grant Professionals Association Database to find a Grant Writer, fees applicable.


For any questions about SYNNEX Grant resources contact: