Mobility is pervasive; it is all around us. What started with the humble beginnings of the cellular phone has blossomed into a multi-trillion-dollar market that is dramatically shifting the way we live, communicate, and manage our business and personal lives. For what was once available to the elite few is now ready for the masses. What was once a way to take voice communications on the road has grown to change the way we compute, gather data, and “keep the lights on” all around us. With more connected devices than people on the planet, the connected-device revolution is well underway — although, some may argue it is just getting started.

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Internet of Things:
IoT is a technology evolution in which “things” have become instrumented, interconnected, and intelligent. Everything around us that can generate data about itself, analyze it in conjunction with other events, or share it with other objects to create meaningful outcomes is part of the IoT.

The Internet of Things also opens the door to a wide range of new business models and services that can completely change the way we live. A study done by the GSM Association stated that the total number of connected devices would reach 24 billion worldwide in 2020, creating business opportunities for as much as $4.5 trillion by 2020.

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