CONVERGESolv Data Center — The Leading Edge of Digital Transformation

SYNNEX CONVERGESolv Data Center empowers the future of data center evolution with the most current hybrid IT products and services in the market. From exclusive education and training to powerful enablement resources, our partners are better equipped to drive next-generation cloud ecosystems and better positioned to create profitable margins on every opportunity.

Empowering Transformative Next-Gen Capabilities

Digital transformation requires a new approach to data centers with solutions that are natively secure, software-defined, AI-powered, scalable, and available as a service. Today’s strategies integrate on-premises, co-location, cloud, and edge delivery options, combining data-centric policies, cloud-native control, and AI-driven insights to eliminate silos and mitigate complexities. Empower your customers with operational agility from edge to cloud, minimized risk, and accelerated data-driven innovation.


Today’s leading vendors incorporate technologies that reduce risk and eliminate traditional data center bottlenecks. They offer unprecedented levels of security and network performance for analytics and insights.  These purpose-built servers are designed for the edge, the data center core, and the cloud, offering the highest levels of performance, agility, and value at the lowest operational cost.


Intelligent next-generation data center storage solutions include on-premises DAS, NAS, and SAN, as well as hybrid cloud, object, and software-defined options. Drive your customers’ digital transformation capabilities and facilitate data-as-a-service with the right combination of on-premises, co-location, and edge-to-cloud delivery options.

Networking and Security

The era of data has arrived. Today, business is done where users and devices come together at the edge. These environments generate massive amounts of data, requiring heightened protection for digital network assets and endpoint devices. The rapidly evolving threat landscape moves network security to top priority in data center design and execution.

Data Center Services and Support

From engineering assessments to installation support, get the advantage you need from SYNNEX CONVERGESolv Data Center.

Pre-Sale Engineering​

SERVICESolv® Pre-Sales Engineering provides in-depth assessments to gain a complete perspective of your customers’ current systems. ​Our custom-built solutions solve business problems for the data center, including server/storage, hybrid cloud, power, AI / ML, analytics, edge compute / networking, and cyber security networking.

Custom Configurations​

SYNNEX SERVICESolv Configuration provides white-labeled configuration services, including custom hardware services; imaging, provisioning, and software services; asset tagging, bundling, burn-in, diagnostic testing; staging, and logistics; and project management.

Support for Integrated Solutions​

SYNNEX SERVICESolv Integrated Solutions design, manufacture, and install purpose-built appliances, compute servers, storage systems, and fully integrated rack solutions. We work with nearly all branded OEM and embedded solution providers to offer:​

  • System design
  • Rack level design and implementation
  • Initial system test, run-in test, OS loading, software installations​
  • Process controls
  • Material and component lifecycle management​
  • Homologation assistance​,
  • Tailored quality assurance programs
  • Customization
  • Global logistics​
Vendor Focused Training and More​

SYNNEX SERVICESolv Training Services provides access to an extensive portfolio of today’s most sought-after vendor, industry and professional skills training at the most cost-effective pricing.​

Public Courses:
Access to live, virtual customer training. Open to all. ​

Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT):
VILT is delivered live via interactive online sessions. ​

Private Courses:
Private training engagements delivered either onsite or virtually — designed for your customer or your company.​

Financial Services SYNNEX Data Center Transformation (DX_S)​

Enhance your customer’s data center with SYNNEX Data Center Transformation (DX_S). DX_S enables your customer to get the scalable solutions they need, complete with hardware, software, services, and support. Creating a custom solution is as simple as providing a unit of measurement and asset cost—partner with us to help your customer transform their data center.

Varnex Academy​

Varnex Academy, available to all SYNNEX reseller partners, offers a centralized education center with a multi-layer approach with live training, on-demand content, and industry certifications.

Our Vendor Partners Provide
Best-in-Class Infrastructure and Data Center Solutions

All data centers and infrastructures require technology beyond servers, storage, networking, and security for a complete and compatible ecosystem. Refer to our line card for best-in-class IT manufacturers that meet the requirements.

Vendor Partners


SYNNEX Inspiration Lab

Cut through the haze of industry buzz words and develop a clear picture of the actual technologies driving innovation and the go-to-market strategies for helping end users realize that vision. We offer demonstrations, proof of concept, and product training solution development.​

Let’s Work Together

Ready to start? A team of experts with years of industry experience can walk you through every step of your customers’ data center journey.​

The Best Vendor Partners Create
the Best Ecosystems​

All data centers and infrastructures require technology beyond servers, storage, networking, and security for a complete and compatible ecosystem. Refer to our line card for best-in-class IT manufacturers that meet the requirements.