Detect and Protect with Microsoft

June 4, 2021

Detecting breaches and protecting companies from cyberattacks is no simple task. Skilled threat actors are constantly developing new ways to exploit systems and steal sensitive information. Microsoft is helping companies fight back with sophisticated technology that protects, detects, and responds to threats.

Security in action
In March, Microsoft reported that Hafnium, a highly skilled and sophisticated threat actor from China, was targeting business customers using on-premises Exchange Server software. This state-sponsored actor used previously unknown exploits to target U.S. entities in critical industry sectors like healthcare, higher education, and defense. The goal was to steal data by gaining access to Exchange servers and controlling the compromised servers remotely. Soon after discovering Hafnium, Microsoft released several security updates for Microsoft Exchange Server and briefed relevant U.S. government agencies. They also updated Windows Defender to detect Hafnium attack methods.

Microsoft’s global network of security experts is constantly searching for new threats, while products like Microsoft 365 Business Premium help defend businesses around the world. Partner with SYNNEX and Microsoft to help keep your customers safe.

Secure your customers
58% of breaches happen at small businesses, yet 62% of these businesses lack the in-house skills to adequately deal with security issues. With M365 Business, you can protect your customers from cyberthreats while transitioning from selling licenses to business outcomes. Secure Score can help for basic assessment to show customers their current security posture across identity, data, device, apps, and infrastructure.

Drive deeper customer engagements
Become a trusted security advisor by developing high-value services around vulnerability assessments. Advanced security services include data loss prevention, Intune mobile device management, Azure multi-factor authentication, and many others. Meanwhile, targeting the right customers is simple with MPN Insights (Cloud Ascent).

Deliver advanced service offerings
Transition into your customer’s outsourced security team by building on M365 Business Premium and delivering high-value managed services. Offer proactive monitoring, alerting, and remediation services; develop and refine security policies; and provide compliance services.

To learn more about Microsoft’s security offerings, connect with the SYNNEX Microsoft team at