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SYNNEX Licensing Advantage

Stellr Technical Support

Jayson Noriesta

Software Licensing Specialist

Jessica Tanoury

Sr. Director, Product Management

Darren Harbaugh

SVP, Cloud, Mobility & IoT

Sumeetkumar Dasoju

Solution Sales Professional, Cloud

Angelica Cabigao

Software Licensing Specialist

Paul Manzano

Software Licensing Specialist

Julie Nuada

Software Licensing Specialist

Dan Casciati

Software Licensing Specialist

Kimberly Godon

Business Development Manager, Microsoft Cloud & Volume Licensing

Gustavo Guimaraes

Supervisor, Business Development, Microsoft Cloud & Volume Licensing

Reshma Mohammed

Business Development Manager - AWS

Tony Ferrara

Sales Engineer, Microsoft Cloud

Chuks Ofor

Business Development Manager, SYNNEX Canada IoT Solutions

Dana Bowman

Business Development Representative, Autodesk

Mazyar Mohammadi

Business Development Manager, Google

Christine Thomson

Director, STELLR Cloud Mobility + IoT

Judith Sterling

Software Licensing Specialist

Kelvin Zheng

Solution Sales Specialist – Cloud Solutions

Cynthia Ross

Sr. Manager, Software Licensing

Sean Khan

Supervisor, Business Development, Microsoft Core Solutions & IoT

Paul Ossowski

Business Development Manager, Microsoft Cloud & Volume Licensing

Deanna Sparling

Product Business Manager, STELLR

John Stollery

Sr. Product Manager, Mobility & IoT

David Parrott

Sr. Product Manager, Microsoft OEM/FPP/ESD, AWS, Autodesk, RedHat

Alfred Ng

Business Development Manager, Microsoft. Microsoft OEM / Device Sales

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