Automated Recurring Revenue Available in RENEWSolv

RENEWSolv is a single online portal that gives you a view of services and renewal opportunities for hardware and software purchased through TD SYNNEX.  These opportunities go across multiple vendor lines and include automated quotes on after point-of-sale services and warranty attach opportunities, service upgrades and renewals, software licensing, maintenance, and subscription renewals.

Access Services and Renewal Quotes

TD SYNNEX’ RENEWSolv simplifies the services and renewal sales process with our automated online solution. Available through your EC Express login, we deliver quotes directly in your RENEWSolv dashboard. These are hot leads and a reason to engage with your customers. Take advantage of recurring revenue opportunities and high margins by logging into EC Express, then click on the purple RENEWSolv banner to access your services and renewal quotes.

Maximize Your Business Potential

Take a few minutes to view our online tutorial and learn how RENEWSolv can help your company maximize services and renewal sales opportunities. You’ll also learn how RENEWSolv automation can help your company improve efficiencies, allowing you to spend more time engaging with your customers and selling.

Easy to Buy and Sell

Reap the benefit of instant revenue for your company and earn high margins that average 32.5% on every sale. Take advantage of RENEWSolv opportunities. You’re minutes away from incremental services and renewal revenue!

Contact Us

Our dedicated staff can help you navigate the portal and take advantage of your company’s open pending quotes. We can also help ensure your company is taking full advantage of the service, support, and benefits RENEWSolv delivers.