Experience the Power of
Integrated Solutions

Maintaining data centers and on-premise solutions can be a complex challenge. TD SYNNEX SERVICESolv helps simplify the process through expert support, rapid repair times, maintenance agreements, and more. Our custom solution services include OEM enterprise integration, T1 OEM customization, engineering and branding, and post-sale support.

OEM Enterprise Integration Services


From servers and storage appliance to fully integrated rack solutions, TD SYNNEX SERVICESolv Integrated Solutions provides the design, build, and installation of fully customized solutions that meet your solution design.


Engineering Design Services

Working in our onsite lab, the TD SYNNEX SERVICESolv Integrated Solutions’ in-house engineering team is equipped with tools that assist with new system prototyping and analysis and pre- and post-solutions design. If you have a project that requires extra engineering qualifications, our team of SERVICESolv engineers is available to support your needs. Our wide range of engineering services includes expertise in hardware, software, manufacturing, thermal, mechanical, and homologation. With these resources, TD SYNNEX is uniquely positioned to support various engagement models including vanilla architectures, purpose-built solutions, design refreshes, and chassis or component-level design requirements.

Branded OEM/White-box/Embedded

We work with nearly all mainstay white box, branded OEM, and embedded solution providers. Our highly qualified design engineering resources can provide comprehensive design and product support with services that include:

  • Hardware-design
  • Prototype build and test
  • Early sample collection assistance
  • Product training and road map updates
  • Centralized access to vendor resources and tech support
  • Managed field visits with vendor and TD SYNNEX resources
  • Direct linkage into manufacturing and integration services

Lifecycle Management

Keeping track of component end-of-life (EOL) can be a time-consuming task; this is especially true when using a high mix of components from a multitude of vendors, each with its own life-cycle approaches. Remove the complexities of managing multiple vendor component life cycles by having TD SYNNEX manage it for you. As part of TD SYNNEX’ value-added offerings, we simplify the life-cycle management process by creating trackers that will report on major life-cycle milestones for each component of your BOM. This allows us to effectively communicate to you, as our customer, when to take action on product end-of-life and decide on how to transition to the next generation. We support this through proper notifications of PCNs, planning for engineering resources, negotiating last-time buys, coordinating last-time purchases, and managing last-time shipments.

Let Us Handle the Logistics

TD SYNNEX provides logistics support, including outsourced fulfillment, virtual distribution, and direct drop-ship to end users. Other logistics-support activities include supplier-managed inventory (SMI); generation of customized shipping documents; multi-level serial number tracking for customized, configured products; and online order and shipment tracking. We also offer turnkey logistics solutions designed to address the needs of large-volume or specialty-logistics services.

Our turnkey service offering is modular in nature and is designed to cover all aspects of the logistics life cycle, including transportation management, inventory optimization, complimentary product matching, reverse logistics, asset refurbishment, and disposal and strategic procurement.