Pre-Sales Engineering

Complimentary Assessments

SERVICESolv® Pre-Sales Engineering provides in-depth assessments to gain a complete perspective of your customers’ current systems and to identify optimal solutions. Our assessments include network/wireless, security (cyber and physical), VOIP readiness, proAV, server/storage, power/UPS sizing, digital signage, video conferencing, application cloud readiness, and artificial intelligence/machine learning.

Cloud Intelligence Assessments

With TD SYNNEX, your customers can simultaneously discover assets within multiple environments, including in-house, hosted, co-located, or cloud platforms. We will provide “single pane of glass” reporting and analytics that give a comprehensive view into target assets that are part of a cloud enablement or migration plan.

Security Vulnerability Assessments

Cyber security specialist remotely tests five IP addresses to predict vulnerability to cyber threats. Our assessment includes a detailed report on findings, a plan for next steps and mitigation. Based on findings, we may provide a statement of work and a bill of materials.

Wireless/RF Planning Assessments

Wireless network engineer uses information collected from you and your end users to remotely develop a robust plan for wireless connectivity and necessary infrastructure. We may provide a full bill of materials, an installation quote, and a statement of work for configuration.

Physical Security Assessments

Physical security engineers remotely design video surveillance, door access, intercom, and emergency notification solutions based on information given. We may provide a full bill of materials, an installation quote, and a statement of work for configuration.

Digital Signage Assessments

Digital signage design engineers work remotely to design a complete digital signage solution. We’ll provide content design, content management software, players, screens, accessories, and installation in a bill of materials. We may also provide a detailed statement of work for configuration.

ProAV Site Assessments

ProAV engineers work remotely to design a comprehensive solution for conference rooms, classrooms, auditoriums, and other environments where end users want sound systems, projectors, interactive displays, and room controls. We may provide a full bill of materials, an installation quote, and a statement of work for configuration.

Video Conferencing Assessments

Video conferencing design engineers remotely design a complete video conferencing solution to scale to the environment and the need. Engineers will provide a comprehensive design including a bill of materials, an installation quote, and a configuration statement of work.

Virtual Inventory Assessments

Network engineers use tools to remotely collect data that provides an inventory of network devices and workstations connected to a domain. The engineers will provide a report and suggestions based on the findings for opportunities to remediate.

Onsite Power Review Assessments

Power engineers perform an onsite walkthrough to evaluate the UPS and TVSS strategy and deployment for the site. Assessments include bill of materials for suggested solution and can include a proposal for installation services or staging for Installation.