As a leading manufacturer of document scanners, Fujitsu offers a family of high-quality imaging products that covers the whole range of scanning applications from desktop and departmental installations to enterprise-wide production environments.

Fujitsu scanners deliver speed, image quality, and superior paper handling. It’s a family that continues to evolve with new products and solutions designed to meet the needs of a rapidly growing Document Imaging marketplace. The Fujitsu ScanSnap family – built for Business Professionals – provides a powerful, affordable, and easy-to-use colour scanner for converting paper documents to PDF files that are easily organized, shared and better protected.

In 1991, Fujitsu Canada adopted a reseller channel strategy for its Imaging products and has continued this channel strategy to this day. VARs and Resellers can offer Fujitsu Imaging products to their customers knowing they are backed by Fujitsu’s vast industry knowledge and expertise. Our partners, and in turn their customers, are all ensured of the best possible success for their document imaging solutions. For more information on Fujitsu and document imaging partnering opportunities please visit:

Fujitsu Printer

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Partner to Win Programs for Q4 2020

Special pricing (up to 10% discount) to resellers who create a need for Fujitsu scanners.

Deal Registration Eligibility

Product Minimum Quantity
fi-7300NX, fi-7160, fi-7260, fi-7180/7280, fi-7460/7480, fi-7600/7700 1
fi-7800,7900, N7100, SV600, fi-65f 1
fi-7030, fi-7140, fi-800R, SP-1130 4
ScanSnap iX1500, S1300i, iX100, S1100i 10

Valid for 1 month, extensions available upon request. Complete the request for special pricing form online:

  1. Select ADVANTAGE Registration Program
  2. Complete all required fields. Fields that are shaded grey are not required.

Upon completing the online form, click the SUBMIT button. By clicking the “submit” button, you acknowledge that you have created an opportunity and are complying with the program terms and conditions.
If your proposal qualifies, an ADVANTAGE registration number and discount will be communicated to your Distributor’s bid desk.

Scanner 3-Packs

  1. Discounts upfront
  2. No Deal Registration required
fi-7160 3-Pack fi-7140 3-Pack ScanSnap iX1500 Black 3-pack ScanSnap iX1500 White 3-pack ScanSnap S1300i 3-pack
TD SYNNEX Sku 6169767 5527114 6386948 6325483 6502286
$IR/Unit $80IR/Unit ($240/bundle) $40IR/Unit ($120/bundle) $25IR/Unit ($75/bundle) $25IR/Unit ($75/bundle) $25IR/Unit ($75/bundle)

Terms and Conditions:

  • Valid October 1st – December 31st 2020
  • Resellers must purchase distributor bundle sku’s to be eligible for discounts
  • Resellers are restricted to quantity 3 of each “scanner 3-pack” sku per month, during promotion timeline.
  • For 4+ quantity requirements, please use the ADVANTAGE Deal Registration Program.

Note: Resellers must be PFU Canada (Fujitsu) Partner to Win authorized to be eligible for these programs. Please contact for more information.

Resellers may request scanner evaluation units for testing purposes. Scanners are provided on loan for up to 10 business days. Fujitsu covers freight out. Reseller or end user covers freight for return.

Evaluation requests can be submitted online:

PFU Canada (Fujitsu) Contact

Marc Wilkens
Director of Channel Sales
+1 (800) 263-8716 ext. 2863456
Mobile: (416) 937-6272