In 2020, it was easy to get distracted, if not overwhelmed, by the sudden work, school, and retail disruptions and the logistical challenges they presented. But as integrators and resellers regroup for 2021’s challenges, it’s important to focus on new markets and new opportunities around population health. With that in mind, here are four growth opportunities where health, safety, and data-driven collaboration solutions intersect with new, broader needs and demands.

Schools and universities
The K-12 and higher-ed campus closings, pivot-to-remote instruction, reopenings, and reclosings has been frustrating, especially as every state and city is on different tracks. That’s why solution providers should be prepared to offer robust solutions for any contingency. Whether an educational campus does full remote, in-person, or hybrid, the role of every school now involves population health and safety. School “safety” is no longer about responding to emergencies. It’s about using the right technology and tools to both monitor health issues and providing collaboration platforms that help mitigate issues and challenges.

Hospitals and clinics
Telehealth is on a huge upswing as government policy has changed significantly, enabling more providers to adopt telehealth solutions. The federal government is making tens of billions of dollars available for technology upgrades, and doctors and hospitals can get better reimbursement from Medicare and Medicaid by outreaching to patients and doing preventative care. The bottom line? “Population health” has taken on a new urgency for health care providers as a result of coronavirus challenges. Health care facilities also need better building access and usage monitoring solutions.

Retail and shopping
Before COVID, retail store entry was the realm of building security or building access technologies. And security concerns centered around shoplifting or fire safety and building capacity. But the 2020 COVID shutdowns, and the subsequent phased reopenings, have retail stores seeking technology solutions for health and safety monitoring. That’s why the use of thermal cameras and display and date tools, for example, is on the rise, as retailers can screen shoppers as they enter stores.

Back to work for business and enterprise
The great challenge of 2020 was maintaining business continuity as millions of workers pivoted to remote work and collaboration. Going forward, smart companies will not be content with business “continuity”. They will instead need to leverage new AV and collaboration tools to empower their workers to constantly evolve, learn, and improve. Today, maintaining workforce health is about providing the ability to climb the corporate ladder through education, mentoring, up-skilling, and daily access to new resources.

Key takeaway
The 2020 COVID disruptions and shutdowns – and the subsequent phased reopenings – had companies, retail stores, schools, and factories seeking technology solutions for health and safety monitoring. But finding robust, effective solutions has been difficult. Until now. Best practices have now emerged for facilitating “population health” based on a new hardware and software platforms. These platforms not only help businesses and schools collaborate better, but also demonstrate safety compliance and safety protocols.

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