Bringing digital
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utilities and energy sector

Water, wastewater, electricity, and energy (natural gas and petroleum) are all part of the public services landscape. As such, these utilities are under constant scrutiny for regulatory compliance, service disruptions, and service quality. They also struggle with high volumes of cybersecurity attacks, extreme weather incidents, outdated IT systems, and aging infrastructure. INDUSTRYSolv can help utilities of all sizes with digital transformation and new investments.


Design and Build

Utility crews use many of the same technologies as the construction sector, designing projects and coordinating operations between stakeholders. Reality capture and BIM/VDC technology allows crews and engineers to create digital 3D models to efficiently plan, design, construct, and manage projects. 

Field Operations

Utilities deploy numerous crews to build, repair, and inspect infrastructure. Keeping track of the trucks, equipment, personnel, and tools is difficult. To help manage crews, our tracking sensors can assist with real-time data and two-way communications. Drones help save valuable personnel time, while helping with infrastructure inspection. Partner with INDUSTRYSolv for the rugged devices essential for remote work. 

Networking and Communications

Managing projects, sharing and analyzing big data, maintaining contact with remote crews, and constant collaboration between stakeholders is a challenge requiring the most robust and reliable networking and communications technology.  Whether it’s standard IT or hardened, industrial strength, INDUSTRYSolv has the solution!

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