Transportation and Infrastructure

Car accidents, traffic jams, and emissions are a few downfalls to modern transportation. However, technology is coming to the rescue. With the Intelligent Transportation System and government programs, the transportation industry can apply technology to make roadways safer and more efficient while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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Advanced Traffic Management System

Advanced traffic management systems monitor traffic via a series of sensors and then transmit data to a transportation management center. Officials can then automate traffic systems with little or no intervention and adjust traffic flow when necessary. With specialized expertise and partnerships with leading vendors, the INDUSTRYSolv team can help develop the solutions transportation customers need.

Advanced Public Transportation System

An advanced public transportation system involves monitoring vehicles, scheduling, and collecting fares. These systems also offer WiFi  to help keep passengers entertained, while digital signage provides information and is a source of income through advertising. INDUSTRYSolv can help build advanced solutions by providing assessment and design services and specialized expertise. 

Commercial Vehicle Operations

The last year has seen record levels of freight volume, and there’s little sign it’s slowing down.  Freight carriers need technology to track cargo and vehicles and adjust schedules and operations. Partner with INDUSTRYSolv to help keep things moving!

Support for the Transportation Industry

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The INDUSTRYSolv team has more than 40 years of cumulative expertise in transportation and infrastructure industry technologies.