INDUSTRYSolv AEC (architectural, engineering, and construction) is dedicated to addressing the rapid adoption of technology in the construction industry. We focus on IoT and how trends like building information modeling (BIM) and other emerging technologies are adding efficiencies and profits to the entire AEC industry.


Design and Build

Utilizing our technology, architects and engineers design projects per client parameters and coordinate between all project stakeholders. Reality capture and design-build technology allows professionals to create digital 3D models to efficiently plan, design, construct, and manage projects.

Job Site Safety and Security

Up to $1 billion of construction vehicles, tools, and materials are lost, stolen, or damaged each year, and the construction site remains one of the most dangerous places to work. Technology helps reduce losses while lowering insurance costs and keeping projects on track and within budget.

Field Operations (Connected Crew)

The connected crew can stay in contact with stakeholders throughout the complex nature of the project, processing change orders, reworking projects, developing progress reports, and holding safety meetings instantaneously. INDUSTRYSolv offers the best solutions for your connected crews.

Networking and Communications

Managing multiple projects, sharing large 3D models and video files, maintaining contact with crews on jobsites, and constant collaboration between stakeholders is a challenge that requires the most robust and reliable networking and communications technology. INDUSTRYSolv can help.

Support for the AEC Industry

General Inquiries

The INDUSTRYSolv AEC team has more than 60 years of cumulative expertise in construction industry technologies.