TD SYNNEX Shares More Magic – Celebrating Chapter #8: Clearwater, Florida

Recently, LevelUp talked with Kristi Kirby, VP of Vendor Management for TD SYNNEX. Kristi is leading the charge on our newest chapter of Share the Magic: Clearwater, Florida. Learn more about the cause and how we can all make a difference.



Chouinard, Aimee: Now we have a whole new chapter of Share the Magic. What’s the latest and greatest, Kristi?

Kirby, Kristi:
I’m super excited about Share the Magic and I have a lot to share with you.  Peter (Larocque) started Share the Magic. I think it was in 2011. To date, it’s raised almost $18 million for children’s causes. We always adopted a local charity in the host city at every single Tech Select event for as long as I can remember, and I’ve been with the company for over 15 years. Peter asked me if I knew about Share the Magic and I said, yes, I’d love to get involved, and then not too long after he said, well, why don’t you lead it for Florida. I’ve always loved and respected what Share the Magic does. Of course, I said yes.

Aimee: What does Share the Magic do?


Kristi:  It’s all about charitable giving, it’s employee driven and it’s specific to the communities in which we live and work. The original chapter was in South Carolina, out of Greenville, then there was a chapter opened in California and the Bay Area in Illinois, Toronto, Arizona and Texas as well as Colorado and then Florida is #8… so super exciting!


Aimee: How are you launching the newest chapter?

You saw it at CommunitySolv. That was what I would call our very, very soft launch.

It was great for us to be able to launch share the Magic Florida there, with the communities, because we happened to pick Children’s Dream Fund, which is based out of Saint Pete, as our charity of choice, which is only an hour if you will from our host city of Orlando. And, why it was even more meaningful is because we were near the Disney World property and the number one dream that Children’s Dream Fund gives away is “Give Kids the World,” which is a week-long trip to Disney that’s specially formulated with all the care, all the staff, all the medical equipment that those really, ill children need right on site. So that when the parents and the families go away, they don’t have to feel like they’re leaving their whole care team behind, all of that is automatically available for them in-home or in Give Kids the World Village.

And they get to be with other kids who are going through similar circumstances, they get to play, and their families get to have a little enjoyment as well, right?

Many of the families will tell you that since diagnosis to that time, it’s about the most normal they feel in a very long time.


Aimee: Wonderful. And so now what’s next as far as fundraising, events or anything that people can get involved in?

So, we have some things that are in the works for events. You know, most of the cities do some sort of a local event in market and then there’s a really large gala that the company hosts out of Greenville every year in the fall time frame. From an in-market perspective, most of the events are golf, which is awesome as obviously there’s a lot of golfers out there. But we took a little bit of a different spin because we’re in Florida, we’re in the Tampa Bay area and we’re surrounded by gorgeous water. So, what we’re going to do is a fishing tournament.

Love it.

Yes, that’s exciting. But I also recognize that not all people fish. So, the night before we’re having a really fun casino night. And we’re targeting the May and June time frame. We’ll have some events and lead up to that and some fundraising activities. And, we had the employees pick which charities that they wanted to donate to as the recipients of Share the Magic in Florida. We also had 64 people volunteer to give their time and be part of the committees as well, which was amazing and overwhelming. I was never expecting that many people, so that was great.

Can we make it 65? I’m in.

Sure. Yes, I love it. I love it. I appreciate it. Welcome all the help. I need to build the committee structure, build the board, build all that. Getting through the holidays and all that was step one, and you know from CommunitySolv it was straight into holiday season. So really the month of January I get to spend a lot of time on that.

Aimee: So, what else do you want people to know?

I think this is extremely important because as the workforce remains somewhat remote, I think it’s good for people to still feel connected to their local communities and to understand the power that we can be when we come together as one. I mean look at CommunitySolv and the fact that within maybe 30 hours we raised $32,000. If that’s not impressive to people you know and can show the impact that a group of people can have by coming together, I don’t really know what is, right? It blew me away. I mean, I was getting a series of text messages from the Dream Fund with the numbers, and they just kept going. And I was like, “This is not real. I cannot actually believe this is happening right now!”


I would say get excited, speak up, share your ideas and really be on the lookout to save the date.

And one last thing too, just to let people know, is that this is not where we ask for volunteer donations or time from just people within our industry. Of course, our vendors and our customers are extremely generous, but really everybody can get involved. These are charities that directly impact the local communities in which we live and work in. So, this is also a chance for other local businesses to get involved. And I think that that’s really exciting as well.

So, grab your family. Your friends. Your colleagues. Other organizations you’re involved in.


Well, it’s really great to see you, Kristi, and to hear that things are going so well with Share the Magic. So glad you’re at the helm and looking forward to whatever comes next.

Thanks. I appreciate it. Thank you for the time for sure.

How can people get involved?


Kristi: They can just reach out to me via e-mail: Kristi.Kirby@tdsynnex.com.


Share the Magic Colorado Golf Tournament a Hole-in-One!

Thank you to everyone who joined the second annual TD SYNNEX Share the Magic Colorado Golf Tournament – with your participation, it was a hole-in-one! Held on a picture-perfect autumn day at the Colorado National Golf Club in Erie, Colorado, we had a great time while also raising money for two amazing charities – Hope for the Warriors and Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation.

Share the Magic Colorado is pleased to announce that this year – between the golf tournament, silent auction and a Ragnar race event in early June – we’ve raised over $120,000. Once all expenses are paid, Share the Magic Colorado expects to be able to provide the two charities with approximately $45,000 each. 

This year 105 golfers participated in the tournament, but there will be room for more next year! Watch for communications posted here in the coming months so you can reserve your spot. Next year will offer another opportunity to run in the Ragnar Relay, so stay tuned for more information regarding that event as well.

Thank you again to all the vendors for their sponsorships and continued support. We will be coordinating with the other Share the Magic chapters around the country for special “package deals” for multiple event sponsorships, and we’d love to have everyone back next year.

South Carolina

12th Annual TD SYNNEX Share the Magic Celebration raises $2.8 million

TD SYNNEX hosted its annual charity event, Share the Magic, Saturday night with a record-breaking fundraising total of $2.8 million. About 1,200 TD SYNNEX employees, customers, vendors, sponsors, charity representatives, community leaders, students and families attended the show-stopping event at the Grand Lawn at Hartness.

In Greenville, TD SYNNEX Share the Magic raises funds to benefit A Child’s Haven, Clement’s Kindness, Make-A-Wish South Carolina and Pendleton Place. Saturday’s celebration featured the charities and the children they serve, followed by both silent and live auctions and a “fund-a-wish” as a last push before the grand reveal. The party concluded with dancing and entertainment by Simply Irresistible.

“We are beyond thrilled with the outcome of this year’s TD SYNNEX Share the Magic celebration,” said Peter Larocque, TD SYNNEX President, North America and Founder of TD SYNNEX Share the Magic. “Saturday night’s event was the culmination of a year-long effort by our dedicated planning committee, vendors, partners and sponsors, who are so passionate about the charities and what they do for the children and families in our community. We couldn’t be happier and look forward to getting started on Share the Magic 2023.”

Share the Magic’s $2.8 million raised in Greenville is a portion of the $3.65 million raised in North America in 2022 as TD SYNNEX has expanded Share the Magic to six other markets.

“We are incredibly grateful for the funds we receive from TD SYNNEX Share the Magic,” said Tanya Camunas, CEO of A Child’s Haven. “Share the Magic provides our largest annual gift, and year after year we are astounded at the generosity of those who make it happen. These funds allow us to provide childcare-expelled children and their families with behavioral health and therapeutic childcare services for a year at no cost to families, breaking the cycles of poverty, abuse and neglect by treating the whole family. Share the Magic allows A Child’s Haven to deepen our impact and serve even more children in need, and we are truly blessed to be a beneficiary of this amazing initiative.”

Following an “Around the World” theme, the Share the Magic planning team transformed the outdoor space into a small village with cottages offering food and beverages from different countries — a nod to the company’s recent merger, which took TD SYNNEX Share the Magic worldwide.

TD SYNNEX Share the Magic is a fundraising initiative created by TD SYNNEX to support charities that focus on the needs of children, wellness and the digital divide. Since its founding in Greenville in 2011, Share the Magic chapters have been established in Arizona, Canada, California, Colorado, Illinois and Texas. TD SYNNEX Share the Magic has raised more than $20 million across all markets with each hosting its own series of events ranging from galas, celebrations and golf tournaments to silent auctions and fun walks.


Inaugural TD SYNNEX Share the Magic Illinois Golf Tournament raises more than $118,000

TD SYNNEX Share the Magic Illinois hosted an inaugural golf tournament that included TD SYNNEX employees, vendors, sponsors and community partners.

Proceeds from the event will be distributed to Clearbrook, Fox Valley Special Recreation Association and Marklund.

“We are thankful for the generous donors and supporters who made our first event so successful.” said Steve Heslop, TD SYNNEX Senior Vice President and Board Chair of TD SYNNEX Share the Magic Illinois. “The funds raised will support organizations that truly make a difference in the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We are grateful for the support of our TD SYNNEX associates, customers and vendor partners who were vital to the event’s success.”

The second annual TD SYNNEX Share the Magic Illinois Golf Tournament is scheduled to take place on Sept. 18, 2023.

South Carolina

J.L. Mann High School raises a record $319,303 during Spirit Week to benefit TD SYNNEX Share the Magic

J.L. Mann High School students raised $319,303 during their Spirit Week to donate to TD SYNNEX Share the Magic. Between Sept. 9-16, student leaders engaged the student body with a series of school-hosted events and competitions, as well as community activities throughout the Upstate. These activities included profit shares with local restaurants, a silent auction and other events, all of which contributed to their fundraising total.

Every year, the J.L. Mann Patriots face off against the Greenville High Red Raiders in this charitable fundraising competition ahead of the rivalry football game. Each school unveiled its fundraising totals at halftime during Friday’s game. Together, the two schools raised $627,382.

“It’s incredible that high school students are able to raise such a tremendous amount of money for charities during one week,” said Peter Larocque, TD SYNNEX President, North America and Founder of TD SYNNEX Share the Magic. “Their hard work and passion for giving back to their community are simply inspiring, and we are honored and thankful to have been selected to be the beneficiary of their efforts.” 

TD SYNNEX Share the Magic is a fundraising initiative created by TD SYNNEX to support charities that focus on the needs of children, wellness and the digital divide. Since its founding in Greenville in 2011, Share the Magic chapters have been established in Arizona, Canada, California, Colorado, Illinois and Texas. TD SYNNEX Share the Magic has raised more than $17 million across all markets with each hosting its own series of events ranging from galas, celebrations and golf tournaments to silent auctions and fun walks.

In the Upstate, TD SYNNEX Share the Magic benefits four local charities: A Child’s Haven, Clement’s Kindness, Make-A-Wish® South Carolina and Pendleton Place. The Spirit Week funds will be split equally between each organization. This year, Greenville’s TD SYNNEX Share the Magic 12th Annual Celebration took place on Saturday, Oct. 8 at Hartness.

“On behalf of the student council, we are incredibly excited that we, as high school students, held the privilege of leading such an amazing week for such a precious cause,” said Tatiana James, student body president of J.L. Mann High School. “My top goal this year was inclusivity, and our student council did a super job getting everyone excited and involved. Being able to experience firsthand the work of each TD SYNNEX Share the Magic charity and building a personal connection with them drove us to the finish line, and they were wonderful partners in helping us execute events to their highest potential. Thanks to this teamwork, we were able to make history and break records that we could have never imagined!”