TD SYNNEX Canada Credit Card Tokenization Process

The TD SYNNEX Canada Credit Card Tokenization removes sensitive data from the TD SYNNEX internal network and replaces the sensitive data with a randomly generated, unique placeholder called a token.

By providing your card information for tokenization, you consent to the storage of your payment details and agree to TD SYNNEX’s use of the token ID assigned as COF (card on file) credentials.

Tokenization Operations

TD SYNNEX uses Cybersource Token Services to store customers’ credit or debit card information. Tokenization and de-tokenization operations occur only within the Cybersource Tokenization System and not on any internal SYNNEX systems.

While the TD SYNNEX system does not store the sensitive data, the TD SYNNEX system includes a process to submit tokenization requests.

De-tokenization reverses the steps from tokenization process and occurs in the Cybersource Token system and not TD SYNNEX internal system.

Here are further details on the security of the Tokenization Process:

  1. Communications between the TD SYNNEX system and the Cybersource Tokenization System is secured to prevent interception or capture of the cardholder data or token-to-PAM mapping information.
  2. TD SYNNEX maintains strong authentication and access controls for all access to the Cybersource tokenization system for tokenizing; and only users with authentic credentials have access or control over the system.
  3. Security of the card data vault is critical for the security of the TD SYNNEX system and Cybersource tokenization system to protect cardholder data.
  4. TD SYNNEX internal system only records the last 4 digits of the customers credit or debit card, card holder name, email address, bill to information and the generated credit card token.