Viptela Solution Components

The Viptela solution is comprised of low-cost vEdge routers that sit at the perimeter of each site (such as remote offices, branches, campuses, data centers) and provide highly secure data connectivity over any transport (20% of sale) and an annual-recurring software subscription (80% of sale) for each vEdge.

The software subscription includes three main components:

  • vSmart Cloud-based SD-WAN Controller is the brain of the Viptela solution and centrally manages routing, policy, security, segmentation and authentication of all devices on the overlay network.
  • vManage Network Management System (NMS) enables centralized configuration and management of the Viptela solution and provides a real-time dashboard on the health of the network.
  • Support and Hardware Replacement for vEdge Routers

Building a Secure Extensible Network with Viptela

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