Advanced Threat Protection, Security and Compliance

Tripwire knows compliance isn’t enough. Your customers’ connected businesses need advanced threat protection, security and compliance solutions. Tripwire and Westcon help you deliver.


Tripwire® Enterprise

There are two sides to security configuration management: integrity monitoring and policy management. Tripwire Enterprise covers both. You choose the appropriate security levels for your customers, and Tripwire Enterprise keeps a watchful eye.

Tripwire® IP360™

If your customers’ networks stood still, defending them would be easier. But they don’t. They’re constantly changing, leaving the doors open to exposure and attack. With Tripwire IP360, you know exactly what’s on the network to discover, analyze and prioritize critical vulnerabilities. Tripwire IP360 produces results you can trust.

Tripwire® Log Center

If there’s one thing worse than too little information, it’s too much. Tripwire Log Center helps you cut through the noise with a log and event management solution that gives your customers the answers they need, when they need them.

Integrated Tripwire/Check Point Advanced Threat Protection

The integration of Tripwire® Enterprise with Check Point® ThreatCloud Emulation Service makes it possible for your customers to closely monitor critical systems and protect against known and unknown threats. Learn more about this powerful partnership.

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