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Device as a Service

Flexible Technology Procurement SYNNEX’ Device-as-a-Subscription (DaaS) program enables you and your customers to simply and inexpensively bundle their hardware/ software/service needs into a subscription-based agreement. Available in the US and Canada, the SYNNEX DaaS program encompasses many types of client devices including desktops, notebooks, tablets, 2-in-1s, handhelds, and more. Here’s how DaaS can help you and your customers make technology easy to buy and drive more business.



SYNNEX® RISE gives you the financial and pro-curement resources to confidently seek bigger  deals or pursue deals more frequently. We have credit expertise in a variety of markets, including FED/SLED, SMB, and commercial to enable your TAM expansion. With this proven setup, RISE customers procure twice as much than they  would with net terms, flooring, and escrow accounts.  You’ll also enjoy powerful logistics tools and simplified purchasing and shipping.


Additional SYNNEX Financial Services

SYNNEX Financial Solutions helps your customers shift from an upfront  CapEx cost to a budget-friendly OpEx cost. As a result, they can:

  • Remain within their budget for new projects
  • Manage the total cost of ownership  more effectively
  • Realize ROI more quickly

SYNNEX Financial Solutions also provides cash-alternative solutions for  companies acquiring hardware,  software, and maintenance. This leads to:

  • Incremental revenue
  • Increased margins
  • Higher commissions for you

Finally, SYNNEX Financial Solutions provides clear, concise billing and  collections that extends your brand throughout the customer lifecycle  and provides competitive pricing that helps drive incremental business.

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