Westcon Field Sales Engineers


Education and Training

Rely on the Westcon FSE team to provide your internal Sales or SEs teams with product and solution training, giving your teams insight into positioning, discussing, selling, and configuring the Palo Alto Networks portfolio. We also offer mentoring and training roadmaps to assist your teams in achieving the needed certifications to maintain compliance within the Palo Alto Networks Nextwave Partner Program.



Design and Configuration

Our FSE team will work with your Sales or SE teams to size the proper Palo Alto Networks solution and create the BoM, including SKUs for hardware/virtual appliances, licenses, and support. Our FSE team is also able to build comparative BoMs and provide competitive information to help in situations where another vendor may be in the discussion; i.e. Palo Alto Networks vs Cisco



30-Day Evaluation and Proof of Concept Solutions

Ask your FSE about the 30-Day Hardware Assessment program so you can prove the performance of your solution in an end user or test environment, shortening the sales cycle and closing the deal quicker. The Westcon FSE team can also provide licenses for Traps, Panorama, VM-Series, and Auto-Focus! Our team can also take point to provide PoCs for Cortex XDR, Prisma SaaS, and Prisma Public Cloud through Palo Alto Networks



Virtual Demonstrations

Have our FSE Team show off Next Generation Security Solutions to your customers and help get that deal closed faster. Our FSE team will be able to provide Virtual demonstrations of:

  • Next Generation Firewall
  • Traps Advanced Endpoint Protection
  • Panorama
  • Prisma SaaS
  • Prisma Public Cloud
  • Auto Focus




Lean on Westcon FSEs to assist with the Best Practice Assessment and Security Lifecycle Review, so you can expand your opportunities and discover new ones!
The FSE team will assist with:

  • Retrieving TSF and Statsdump files from End User
  • Creating BPA/Heatmap and SLR report
  • Reviewing reports with partner SEs
  • Presenting findings and offering partner services to End User

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