Palo Alto Networks: Protecting Our Digital Way of Life

Today’s highly digitized world enhances efficiency, business productivity and our general way of life. Yet this digitalization present new and dangerous cyber risks, resulting in an increase in the number of cyberattack victims every year. Businesses continue to adopt cloud, big data analytics and automation. These technological shifts, in combination with increasingly sophisticated threats, new legislation requirements – such as GDPR – and more demanding customers, makes security challenging. A new security approach is needed to keep up with these developments and mitigate risks so businesses can grow without disruption.

Security needs to be agile, consistent and effortless

Organizations need a security architecture that keeps up with digital developments, updated legislation and customer needs. In this complex world, it’s impossible to be successful in security with non-integrated, legacy point products. An automated and integrated security platform is needed. Security needs to be agile, effortless and – most of all – it must enable, not obstruct, productivity.

Organizations improve their services through applications, enhancing the user experience and delivering significant competitive advantages. As team adopt cloud, big data analytics and automation to accelerate application delivery, user information, apps and data become increasingly distributed. This modernization leaves such information vulnerable and requires consistent automated security.

Combining Westcon Security’s expertise and reseller enablement strategies with the Palo Alto Networks platform, you’re positioned to confidently pursue a digital-first strategy as your customers implement key technology initiatives within the cloud and increasingly mobile networks.

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