Gigamon Partner Program


The Gigamon Partner Program increases your average sales price, reduces your sales cycle time, and separates you from your competition. This comprehensive support program is designed to complement your existing offerings, enabling you to implement and deliver differentiated solutions and services while increasing revenues.

  • Enable additional add-on sales of other products on your line card that Gigamon plugs into—infrastructure, security, monitoring and more.
  • Generate qualified leads. Leads are nice, but qualified leads are better! That’s what sets the Gigamon Partner Program apart.
  • Drive additional revenue streams and the ability to design and implement complete infrastructure solutions and services.


Gigamon’s top partners are tracking 10X growth over a period of six quarters. The company has set the stage for success with incentives that encourage, promote and reward your efforts. Ways to increase profitability include:



Industry-leading margins designed to maximize profitability and financial opportunity.


Additional Discounts

10%+ additional discount for partners with registered deals.


Marketing Funds

Marketing Funds
Marketing funds for targeted campaigns designed specifically for you.


Targeted Leads

High-quality targeted leads.


Your partnership with Gigamon opens new avenues to success. Gigamon’s Top 25 customers average 54X their initial product purchase. As a Reseller Partner, you will benefit from:

  • Working with a recognized market leader in the traffic visibility solutions space
  • Having access to solutions that solve real-time customer problems with Gigamon Active Visibility
  • Stronger margins with products that are non-commoditized
  • Solutions that easily integrate with and complement your current line card for fast, incremental and ongoing revenues
  • Support with co-branded campaigns, joint sales activities, technical support, and technical training and certification
  • Being part of a program that provides an array of support and added benefits for you and your team

To learn more about the Gigamon Partner Program, please contact Wendy Wilson, Westcon’s Gigamon Product Sales Manager, at 303-566-2640 or

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