Improve the Solutions You Already Sell with Active Visibility into All Network Traffic

Adding Gigamon solutions helps optimize performance and ROI for the monitoring, security, compliance, and networking tools you sell and implement. Gigamon solutions extend the utility and security of the tools installed on physical and virtual networks, creating win-win results for you and your customers.

Security Visibility Platform

With today’s increasingly frequent and well organized cyber threats, it is no longer sufficient to only focus on the security tools and application exclusively. Understanding how these technologies can be deployed to effectively obtain consistent granular access to relevant network data is a critical part of the solution. A Security Platform provides the essential pervasive visibility and is integral to any cyber security strategy.

Why Partner with Gigamon and Westcon Security?

The cybersecurity market is projected to exceed $170B by 2020. We’re embarking on a time when visibility is critical to enabling security. Gigamon’s land and expand metrics are strong: The company’s Top 25 accounts have an average of 111X repeat purchases. Westcon Security has the resources and expertise to help you improve the solutions you already offer with Gigamon.

Meet the Triple Challenge of Network Transformation

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