New Gemalto Cipher Partner Enablement Program

Gemalto knows that enablement is a key to your success. The Gemalto Cipher Partner Enablement Program empowers your sales organization to connect with potential customers and find new ways to drive success by offering an efficient mix of product and role-based sales training and certifications opportunities. It starts with Gemalto Sales Professional (GSP) Certification.

Drive Opportunities with Westcon’s Partner Enablement Programs

Explore Westcon Security’s enablement programs and resources, engineered specifically to drive your success with:

  • Expert Pre-Sales Support
  • Proof of Concept
  • Quoting Assistance
  • Financial Services
  • Business-Extending Services
  • Marketing Services
  • Lead and Demand Generation

Essential GSP Certification

The Gemalto Sales Professional Certification will help you build the skills and knowledge to successfully deliver Gemalto solutions. Whether you’re new to Gemalto solutions or a seasoned Gemalto professional, you will need to complete the GSP Certification. It serves as a prerequisite to all other Gemalto Certifications.

Follow these easy steps to register:

1.Go to the Gemalto Cipher Partner Portal
2.Navigate to the Training & Certifications tab
3.Then go to the Gemalto Certifications page and select the certification you would like to begin
4.Click on the Register button

Once registered, you can start taking courses by going to the My Certification Progress page. Tip: Click on the “Show Course” button under the certification course column to see the list of courses you will need to complete.

Partner Program Requirements

Silver Level – 1 Certified Sales Rep per company
Gold Level – 2 Certified Sales Reps per company
Platinum Level – 2 Certified Sales Reps per company

Download detailed information on new Gemalto partner requirements.

For expert support,contact Erin Hammond, Westcon’s Gemalto Product Sales Manager, at 303-566-2687 or

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