Deeper Knowledge Means Bigger Discounts

Watch this webinar and learn how to easily qualify for additional discounts on your Forescout deals through Westcon. Invest just 20 minutes of your time to explore Forescout’s Technical Win promotion, helping you score an extra 5% discount – on top of your deal registration pricing!

Our experts will show you just how simple it is to deliver Technical Win-qualified engagements with your end customers, and how to submit details in your deal registration for approval.

What is a Forescout Technical Win?

A Forescout Technical Win is a reseller-led pre-sales technical engagement with the end customer for a partner-initiated or Forescout-initiated opportunity.

What engagements qualify as a Technical Win?

To qualify for the additional discount, you have the option to manage and conduct one of three types of engagements with your end user:

  • Forescout Technical Overview
  • Forescout Proof of Concept
  • Forescout Deep-Dive Demonstration

Once the Technical Win engagement has been completed, simply update your deal registration with related details, and Forescout will validate and approve the extra discount.

Let's Get Started Delivering Results Together

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