FireMon: The Proactive Security Intelligence Platform

Today’s firewalls are complex and always changing to meet evolving security needs. This can lead to reactive, inefficient security policies that make your customers’ networks vulnerable. With the FireMon platform, you get continuous, real-time visibility into existing security infrastructure to identify redundant, out-of-date policies. The result? More effective security management, lower cost of operations and reduced exposure to risk.

FireMon Security Manager – Device and Policy Management

FireMon Security Manager is a web-based firewall management platform that addresses the inherent complexity and changing requirements of today’s enterprise networks by providing continuous visibility into network security devices and policies. A scalable architecture and intuitive user interface ensure that security practitioners have the actionable data needed to quickly adapt defense to changing business needs and emerging threats.

FireMon Policy Planner – Workflow and Change Automation

FireMon Policy Planner automates the firewall change process with an intelligent workflow solution, solving unique challenges associated with firewall change management. Policy Planner dramatically improves the efficiency of the change process, reducing time and costs associated with access change requests while also improving security by integrating security and risk analysis directly into the process.

FireMon Policy Optimizer – Rule Recertification Automation

FireMon Policy Optimizer automates key process elements necessary to adapt network security device policies and respond to changing conditions. Policy Optimizer dramatically advances identification and improvement of troublesome firewall configurations in relation to emerging threats, evolving business demands and maturing compliance requirements, providing a centralized workflow and allowing security teams to interact directly with other network access stakeholders – with integrated risk analysis.

FireMon Risk Analyzer – Risk Assessment and Visibility

FireMon Risk Analyzer evaluates the security infrastructure by analyzing the exposure of identified system vulnerabilities in the context of the network access controls. Using the results of vulnerability scanners and the network and security data from Security Manager, Risk Analyzer identifies all potential attack paths into and through the network.

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