“We are committed to the growth and success of our partners. The threat landscape has never been more severe, and Westcon Security’s FireEye partners are a vital link in our mission to deliver the technology, intelligence and expertise needed to stop these advanced cyber attacks. – Dave DeWalt, CEO of FireEye ”

Security for Those on a Mission

You faces choices every day. Some paths lead to instant gratification with short-term gain, while others lead to a longer view for greater reward. The market is filled with tools and vendors that check the box and go through the motions. But your customers look to you for real answers to their security challenges. What you choose to sell reflects what you stand for. Are products and services that are merely “good enough” good enough for you?

FireEye stands above in the ever-changing security landscape, where “when” is the new “if” for breaches. FireEye and Westcon can help fulfill your mission to better secure customers while building a stronger practice. Our partnership will bring you opportunities to roll up your sleeves and have frank conversations about security with your customers. When you’re backed by our unique approach of technology, intelligence and expertise to effectively address today’s security landscape, you are exceptionally positioned as a trusted advisor who can deliver.

If you’re ready to drive your practice to the next level for your customers—far beyond “good enough”—FireEye is for you.

Delivering Value Through the Fuel Partner Program

FireEye’s Fuel Partner Program supports your success on multiple levels. We’ve invested in a number of Fuel Partner Development Engines to speed strategic growth and provide valuable resources and programs. Leveraging these resources enables you to effectively address customers’ security challenges, while boosting profitability and growing your business.

Your Commitment Earns You Dividends

When you partner with FireEye, you can count on respect and reciprocity. It’s a two-way street paved with opportunity and headed for growth. Your continued investment in the partner relationship—through program offerings such as training, certification and sales engagement—reaps reciprocal rewards and increased commitment from FireEye to the overall partnership. Simply put, when you bring your best, FireEye rewards with the best.

Fuel your security practice with:


  • Access to the complete FireEye product portfolio
  • Cyber Security Coalition activation kits and solution briefs
  • Reference architectures


  • Certified Support Partner Program
  • Services Partner Program
  • Services Rules of Engagement


  • The Fuel Station sales and technical accreditation
  • FireEye Education Center technical certifications
  • Competitive toolkits
  • Virtual demo and labs


  • FireEye Marketing Central
  • Monthly partner webinars and newsletters
  • Marketing support for lead and demand generation


  • Program tiers based on commitments, investment and integration
  • Reward for value aligned with deal registration and protection
  • SPIFFs and specialized rebates, with FireEye Rewards

Let's Get Started Delivering Results Together

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