Convergence Products

Accelerated service delivery. Massive scale. Optimization. Analytics. Automation. Intelligence. It’s all possible with Ciena’s software-defined packet-optical products, featuring our award-winning WaveLogic Photonics along with agnostic packet/OTN switching. You can monetize and optimize bandwidth in the new world economy where scale plus agility, flexibility and openness become the new operational currency.

Waveserver Family

The Waveserver family of stackable interconnect platforms delivers more capacity and lower power for high-performance Data Center Interconnect (DCI), with massive scale to meet the bandwidth needs of the most demanding cloud applications and data services.

Waveserver Family Waveserver AI Waveserver

6500 Family

The 6500 converges packet, OTN and flexible WaveLogic Photonics in a single platform to streamline operations and optimize footprint, power and capacity. And, with off-board software tools you can automate services from creation through orchestration and delivery, boosting differentiation — and your bottom line.

6500 Family 6500 Packet-Optical Platform





WaveLogic Encryption Solutions

5400 Family

The 5400 Family offers multi-terabit packet-optical switching platforms that transform networks into scalable, flexible, cost-reduced and service-enabling infrastructures to meet today’s monumental traffic growth challenges.

5400 Family 5410 Packet-Optical Platform 5430 Packet-Optical Platform

6200 Family

As a single investment that ensures a smooth and long-term network evolution, Ciena’s 6200 Packet-Optical Platform is a highly flexible, scalable and compact edge device that enables operators to support both existing and new emerging services in customizable, cost-optimized configurations.

6200 Family 6200 Packet-Optical Platform


The Z-Series — Z22, Z33 and Z77 — provides carrier-grade capabilities such as QoS, scalability, reliability and service management. They also leverage Ciena’s Planet Operate software to provide simplified multilayer network operations, management and service provisioning.

Z-Series Z77 Packet-Optical Platform


The 6110 Multiservice Optical Platform is a compact, cost-effective multiservice access product optimized for deployment in customer sites and in collector networks where lower service capacity is required.

6110 6110 Multiservice Optical Platform

Packet Products

Simplify service deployment. Assure performance. Decrease your time to revenue. As this new networking world evolves around us, customers still demand best-in-class service delivery and service aggregation. With Ciena’s packet-based products, you can deliver and then some. Ciena’s broad product line — from edge to core aggregation with a common Service-Aware Operating System (SAOS) — can accelerate your ability to differentiate and compete.


Ciena’s 8700 Packetwave Platform — a multi-terabit programmable Ethernet-over-DWDM packet switch — addresses the growing need to efficiently aggregate and switch large quantities of packet traffic while guaranteeing stringent Service Level Agreements (SLAs), and revolutionizes the capital and operational economics of 10GbE and 100GbE services in metro and regional ethernet networks.

3000 Family Service Delivery Switches

These cost-effective and efficient service delivery switches are available with a range of physical ports of up to 10GbE. They’re purpose-built to fit numerous small, medium and large customer sites as well as multi-tenant office and residential buildings. Mounting options include rack, wall, pole or strand, with appropriate enclosures and temperature ranges to solve your unique challenges.

3000 3902













5000 Family Service Aggregation Switches

These switches provide aggregation to efficiently fill higher capacity links within both the metro access and aggregation tiers, minimizing the number of router assets required in the core. They offer state-of-the-art OAM and QoS capabilities, which eliminate significant complexity and cost, and can be deployed in a wide variety of locations. They also share the same operating system with all of Ciena’s Packet networking products.

Pluggable Transceiver Family

Ciena’s Pluggable Transceiver Family allows a flexible, pay-as-you-grow deployment model when adding specific functions to Packet Networking products. Traditional TDM services, for example, can be mapped onto a packet-based infrastructure, benefiting from its low cost-point while still maintaining the stringent timing and resilience required by the service. The end result? New and renewed revenue streams.

Pluggable Transceiver Family XCVR-CEP001, XCVR-CEP002




Virtualization Software

Ciena’s Network Functions Virtualization Infrastructure (NFVI) is purpose-built for the Distributed NFV use case. Now service providers can rapidly capture new revenue by rolling out virtualized services to enterprises at the speed of the cloud. It includes software-based routing, encryption and WAN optimization. Deploy a complete D-NFV solution in an instant. Leverage openness. Explore an open ecosystem to deliver D-NFV services.

Virtualization Software D-NFVI

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