Trade-In Promo

Trade In your old solution to the latest technology

Trade In existing Check Point products, hardware or software, and receive 100% credit (up to 25% end user discount when trading IP product, and up to 20% for the rest). Partners’ regular discounts apply on top of discounted end user price.

*The promotion requires the return of the traded unit.

Deal Reg Promo

Receive up to 25% Deal Registration discount on New Customer, Competitive Replacement, or Emerging Technology deals.

Secure your margins and get the most attractive pricing!

Protect your deal and receive lucrative discounts on deals above $20K:

  • 25% New Customer
  • 15% Competitive Replacements
  • 15% Emerging Technology Deals – Sandblast, Mobility, vSEC – NEW

*Partner’s default discount apply on top of promotion discount

SMB Threat Prevention Promo (Previously Free Appliance Promotion)

Sell Three Years of NGTP or NGTX Services and Support – Get the Appliance for FREE!

Accelerate your margins with SMB/E discounts

For every competitive deal or new customer registered deal, Check Point will offer you a 100% discount on the price of the appliance. Promotion includes Check Point’s NGTP or NGTX services and support package for three years from the following series: 700, 1400, 3100, 3200, 5100, 5200, 5400, 5600.

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