UCaaS Solution Powered by Avaya IP Office from Westcon

The number of hosted unified communications (UC) services available to businesses has exploded over the past few years. So why choose Westcon’s offering, and why now? We took our time in selecting the best providers to build the solution this market needs and wants.

  • Built for Resellers & Their Customers
  • Built from the Ground up for Avaya IP Office
  • Built to Scale with Resellers

Why Westcon for UCaaS?

Each and every component has been carefully selected by Westcon to provide high reliability and an enhanced customer experience. Our solution has been designed specifically to enable Avaya partners to maximize their profitability.

  • We eliminate the expensive investments often required for platforms, tools, and services.
  • We enable resellers to offer our certified Avaya Platform as a service under their brand name, including hosting, telephony/UC licensing, and carrier services.
  • We provide all carrier services, including termination, origination, DID, E911, and LNP.
  • We simplify billing and compliance.

Reseller Requirements

  • Reseller must be an Avaya partner and have a valid Avaya Link ID
  • Reseller must obtain (2) Avaya SME APSS (sales) certifications
  • Reseller must obtain (1) Avaya IP Office AIPS (implementation) certification
  • Reseller must have an active Westcon account
  • Reseller must have the ability to perform the technical support and installation tasks

Shared Responsibilities

UCaaS Package Reseller Westcon *Westcon Partner Avaya
Reseller Co-Delivery Sales

LNP/E911 (Manual Process to start)

Customer Tier 1/2 Support

Reseller Enablement Licensing Carrier Services



Customer Collections

Tier 2/3 Support
GoldSeal Sales

LNP/E911 (Manual Process to start)

Reseller Enablement


Customer Tier 1/2 Support

Carrier Services



Customer Collections

Tier 2/3 Support

Avaya Cloud Business Accelerator Program

The Cloud Business Accelerator Program webinar series is designed to help you create a productive subscription-based, monthly recurring revenue Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) business. Throughout the series, you’ll learn techniques and gain insights into how to effectively chart an effective cloud course that will enable you to exploit the profitable growth opportunities that the cloud and UCaaS present.

Our recent series is available for on-demand viewing in the featured video section of our video channel.

  • Cloud Solution Packaging & Pricing
  • Cloud Marketing 2.0
  • Cloud Sales Model and Compensation
  • Cloud Financing Model
  • Cloud Strategy and Planning

For more information on our UCaaS offer please contact
Chris Gubitose at +1 864-349-4624 or ChrisGu@westcon-na.com.

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