Save the Date: Avaya ENGAGE 2019

Mark your calendar for Avaya ENGAGE 2019 in Austin, Texas on January 20-23, 2019. Avaya ENGAGE connects more than 3,000 Avaya users, partners, speakers and executives from around the world to collaborate, discover and learn about the future of digital transformation, A.I., and flexible cloud communications solutions. Hear how Avaya customers are enhancing team workflow, customer engagement and intelligent connections that have a positive impact through Avaya’s commitment to drive Experiences that Matter.

Avaya ENGAGE 2019
Austin Convention Center
500 E Cesar Chavez Street
Austin, TX 78701

Business Operation Updates

A1S Tools October Updates for Ordering Multipacks

October 8, 2018 updates for A1S Configurator include:

  • Pending End of Sale for 96xx multipacks
  • Removal of 96xx multipacks from the A1S design tools
  • New quotes will only quote the higher price for single phones when quantities are entered
  • All users must manually piece part add 4-packs of phones to all new system quotes
  • End of Sale for 4-packs of phones

You can still select multipacks with Westcon’s IP Office Configuration tool, without taking any additional steps for the 4-packs. Multipacks are still piece parts orderable. For more information, click here.

Existing Quotes in A1S Configurator

For quotes created in A1S Configurator prior to April 9, 2018 that need to be modified or copied, users must:

  • Remove the 4-packs from the existing quote
  • Change the quantity of phones in the quote
  • Piece part add the 4-packs of phones back into the quote in order to get the quote to Ready To Order (RTO) status

Note: There is no change for new and existing quotes in Westcon IPO Configurator


Special Bid Request Submission Updates

Effective October 1, 2018 Special Bid Request Submissions via SalesForce will be rejected.

Exceptions are:

  • Multi Site Quote Tool (MSQT)
  • Avaya Private Cloud Services (Formerly Avaya Operation Services)
  • Change Management Request Authorization (CMRA)
  • SAP Quotes

Going forward Avaya One Source Special Bid Deal Manager is the tool.

If you haven’t attended a training session, please make sure that you and your teams understand the new process before October 1.


IP Office R11 Service Pack 1 is Now Available

IP Office Release 11.0 Service Pack 1 incorporates new software for:

  • IP Office Core Switch Build 8
  • IP Office Server Edition Build 8
  • IP Office Application Server Build 8
  • Unified Communications Module Build 8
  • Preferred Edition (VoiceMail Pro) Build 3
  • one-X Portal Build 38
  • Soft Console Build 1
  • “Powered by Avaya 3.0” Partner Hosted Build 8
  • Avaya Cloud Operations Manager (COM) Build 18

Learn More

Upgrade Path to IP Office 11.0

Platform Current Release Upgrade Step 1 Upgrade Step 2
IP500 V2 and earlier Load 8.1 (65) or 9.0 Load 11.0
All modules and earlier Load 8.1 (65) or 9.0 Load 11.0
IP500 V2 and later Load 11.0
All modules and later Load 11.0

New J139 Phone

The new J139 phone is only supported on IP Office 11.0 SP1. IP Office 11.0 SP1 is required for the J129 which must function using SIP firmware only.

The following features are not supported on IP Office with the J139:

Advanced Call Presentation/Handling IP Office Features/Status Menus Button Configuration
  • MADN
  • Bridged Appearances
  • Coverage Appearances
  • User BLF
  • Group BLF
  • Advanced Call Pickup
  • Advanced Call Park
  • DND Exceptions
  • Account/Authorization Code
  • Auto Answer Controls
  • Withhold Number
  • Coverage Ring Controls
  • Advanced Hunt Group Controls (Multi Membership, Group Status, Group Configuration)
  • Self-Administration
  • System Administration
  • Hands-free Answer
  • Automatic Intercom
  • Specific Call Dial Types
  • Conference Meet-Me
  • Self-Administration
  • System Administration
  • Whisper Page
  • Advanced Hunt Group Controls (Multi Membership, Group Status, Group Configuration)
  • Agent Supervisor Features (Call Steal, Call Listen, Call Intrude, Coaching Intrusion)

IP Office Digital Station Module B2 Version

The B2 versions of the Digital Station 16 and 30 Expansion Modules are now provisioned in Avaya quote tools. The B(1) versions of the Digital Station 16 and 30 Expansion Modules are still available to be piece part added to quotes for older systems.

Material Code Description
700511093 IP Office IP500 Digital Station 16B2 RJ45
700511094 IP Office IP500 Digital Station 30B2 RJ45

External Expansion Modules

Module Material Code 5.0 6.0 6.1 7.0 8.0 8.1 9.0 9.1 10.0 10.1 11.0
IP500 DS16B2 700511093 4 4
IP500 DS30B2 700511094 4 4
IP500 DS16B 700501585 5
IP500 DS30B 700501586 5

4 Originally only supported in R10.1. Further support added in R9.1 SP12 and R10.0 SP5.

5 Service Pack 9 and higher.


Epic Year-End Promotions Close September 25

Act now since these great Avaya promotions end September 25.

Watch the Epic Year-End Webinar


Rapid Ramp and Upcoming Webinars

Take advantage of new sessions on verticals for public safety: E911, Campus Security and Smart Cities.

RapidRamp Archive

Access previous RapidRamp enablement sessions.


Do You Know the Partner Community Council?

The Avaya Partner Community Council (PCC) enables Avaya partners to drive increased revenue and profitability via a focus on the effective introduction, enhancement and support of Avaya solutions and services.

Learn More About the PCC

Join us for the Avaya 2018 Partner Community Council Fall Technical Forum in Chicago.

  • Top Gun IP Office Training
  • Technical Breakout Sessions: Tools/Renewals, Aura 8, Equinox
  • General Sessions: Artificial Intelligence, Avaya Workflow Live, Oceana, Breeze Snap-ins
  • Immersive Verticals Sessions

Plus, attendees will receive a 20% Avaya Learning discount coupon!

PCC Fall Technical Forum

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