Don’t Panic: IP Office Updates Made Easy

As ADI goes away, PLDS becoming the only license management system available, and the EOS on all pre-10 licenses there is a lot for you to manage with your existing customer base. These changes require a proactive and confident plan for your customers to upgrade and migrate forward in the Avaya family. Often a customer will use a time of change to re-evaluate their options and we want to support you in making sure that their Avaya solution is their solution of choice today and in the future. Please take some time to read through the articles in this edition to understand the options and tools available to you.

Many of these updates have been covered in more detail on Avaya’s Partner Roadmap call.

At the time of this Advisor Update there has been a change announced to delay EOS on pre-10 IP Office licenses to 12/9/19.  See the Avaya portal or contact your Westcon AM for the latest documentation.

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ATTENTION: April 29 – Blue Functional Location Retired

On April 29, users will be required to enter or provide an End-Customer Functional Location (FL/Sold to) on EC Services quotes before the quotes can be ordered. Quotes may only have a single FL/Sold to per quote. This allows for splitting out multiple sites.

Avaya will create the FL/Sold to prior to April 29. To identify the FL/Sold to, use the “Search and Create End Customer “ on the Avaya One Source landing page.

Note: If you can’t locate the new number, you’ll need to use a manual process to create a new number.



Free Consulting Offer for IP Office R11 Upgrades

Synnex wants to help you realize success by making Avaya migrations and upgrades easier for you and your customers. That’s why we invite you to expand your service offerings and capabilities with SYNNEX SERVICESolv.

SYNNEX Services is offering a no-cost consulting engagement for your customers who want to update their IP Office systems to a current release of IP Office either on-premise or in the cloud.

Synnex will provide an engineer to remotely:

  • Coordinate a meeting with you and your customer to discuss the update
  • Guide your customer on the process of retrieving the existing IP Office files required to create an upgrade quote or migration quote
  • Provide upgrade files to the SYNNEX pre-sales engineering team
  • Provide design to the SYNNEX Account Manager to create a quote for you
  • Provide a custom services quote once scope of requirements and service offerings have been reviewed and discussed
  • Participate in presentation to customer
  • Answer customer questions regarding upgrade process, features and benefits
  • Transition project to implementation team, as required

To get started, send a consulting engagement request to


Avaya IX Device Demo Kit

In February, Avaya introduced the IX Device Demo Kit for resellers. With a number of new and existing endpoint options, this is a terrific way for you to acquire the full breadth of the portfolio.

3 Simple Steps to Win More Deals

  • Put demo kits in your lab.
  • Have your sales team get comfortable with them.
  • Let your customer try them to help you close the deal!

This offer is for a limited time only, so place your order with Westcon today!

See page 5 of the Offer Definition to learn more about the ordering process.



IP Office, Government and RapidRamp Training Opportunities

This month is packed with training opportunities to build your skillset and knowledge to close more deals.

  • Learn how to identify the current estate of a customer’s IP Office Pre-Release 10 ADI licenses — for fast conversion of ADI license entitlements to PLDS. This step-by-step instruction helps you create a quick and simple quote for an IP400/500 ADI Paid upgrade Migration to PLDS.
  • Review the IPO ADI to PLDS License Maximum Matrix.

Government buying season is coming soon and now’s the time to fine-tune your government and education expertise. Check out the SYNNEX GOVSolv website and the Education Microsite to take advantage of upcoming webinars, events and resources.

Want to enhance your skillset? Check out these other training opportunities and spring ahead. You can also catch up on previous RapidRamp enablement sessions.


RapidRamp Training Schedule
May 7 IP Office Upgrades
May 9 Onboarding for New Avaya Partners
May 14 Loyalty2gether Promotion with Avaya IP Office
May 21 J Series, K Series, B Series, Huddle Room & Headsets



Capitalize on Campus Security Opportunities

Educational institutions are looking to trusted partners like you to help them be prepared to handle all kinds of emergencies, from weather-related cancellations to fire evacuations to intruder lockdowns. With analysts forecasting the U.S. campus security market to reach $2.8 billion by 2021, now’s the time to go to the head of the class.

Avaya has partnered with Algo Communication and the 911’s Secure’s SENTRY™
Enterprise Emergency Response Management application to deliver an end-to-end solution that provides the enhanced communications capabilities required for managing campus emergencies.

Check out our new playbook to learn more about how you can take advantage of this easy entrance point and easy sale solution to capitalize on this growing opportunity.

Download Playbook


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