Avaya Expands Cloud Strategy with Spoken Communications

With its acquisition of Spoken Communications, a leading innovator in Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solutions and pioneer in artificial intelligence for communications, Avaya is on its way to becoming one of the world’s premier cloud communications companies. Spoken’s transformative cloud platform provides increased hosting options for secure, flexible and reliable omnichannel solutions across public, private and hybrid cloud models.

In addition, Spoken’s IntelligentWire contact center automation solutions use AI and deep learning technologies on live-voice conversations to reduce after-call work, drive more intelligent responses and gain deeper insight into customer sentiment and experience.

With these solutions, Avaya is developing a new standard for cloud solutions, with high-performance platforms that align to how the world communicates today and providing you with even more opportunities to transform your business.

Avaya EDGE Tour

Westcon’s Ira Kucheck, from our Field Channel Sales team, has been on the road with the Avaya EDGE Tour and shares these highlights.


IP Office Release 11

“As one who’s been around since IP Office Release 1.0, this one will be one of the best releases ever. The anchor to this release is the addition of Equinox to the platform which takes IP Office to the next level.”

Equinox brings symmetry to all clients and all devices.

“It works the same in your browser, mobile device, desktop/laptop, Windows/Mac/Android, iOS.
What’s really cool are the advanced capabilities it brings to IP Office and all your devices.”

The Equinox Client Does Everything:

  • IM and Presence
  • Conference Management can intuitively dial the number, the code, the pauses, etc. and put you into the conference, “hands-free.” That’s AI at work!
  • SMS across systems allows you to Federate messaging between disparate systems
  • File sharing (right from the messaging client)

Want to learn more? Check out the IPO R11, Powered By 3.0 and Equinox Online webinars in the Training section of this communication.


New Phones

The following phones are being introduced with Release 11: J Series

“The J179 has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities. If you have to put a phone in a place where you can’t get (or put) wires, you now have a solution. If you have Wi-Fi, you have a phone.”


Vantage Series – K155

“This is the Vantage phone you’ve seen and this model has buttons.”

Target release date for IP Office Release 11 is May 1, 2018. Like all product releases, that date is subject to change.

There’s still time to register for the Avaya EDGE tour coming to a city near you.

Chicago, IL – April 5

Detroit, MI – April 12

Washington, DC – April 24

Boston, MA – April 26

Minneapolis, MN – May 2

Orlando, FL – May 10

Business Operation Updates

Required Action

A1SC reseller users should STOP manually subtracting the value in the ‘Extended Promotions Discount Value’ column from the ‘Selling Price’ column to calculate the buying price as the Promotional Discount is already factored into the Selling Price.

This applies to all Promotions on all Price Reports created from March 12, 2018.



Configure Avaya IP Office V1 Upgrades with Westcon’s Configuration Tool

Westcon’s IP Office configuration tool has the capability of creating a V1 upgrade for you. Our tool will walk you through the ADI migration and provide a BOM upload for you to export and use with Avaya’s A1S tool. The configurator also provides you with the IPOSS SKU necessary to place the order.

Check out the web training session below hosted by Westcon’s Meka Newell from the Pre-Sales Engineering team to learn more about using this tool for V1 upgrades. Webinar ID: 250-979-427

Watch Webinar

A1S Configurator: New ‘View Quote’ Option

The new ‘View Quote’ option allows users to view the details of a quote in the A1S Configurator (A1SC) without making any changes to the quote or design. To use ‘View Quote’, go to the Quote Actions dropdown menu on the Quote Summary page.

There is also a new option on the Design Control menu called ‘Change to Edit Mode’. This option allows users to make changes or to copy the quote to create a new quote where they can make the changes and leave the original quote intact.

To learn more about ‘View Quote’, check out this video.


Avaya Certifications Available Through Westcon Academy

Westcon Academy offers partners and their customers a unique Avaya learning experience tailored to your specific needs. Our classes are designed to prepare students for Avaya Implementation Professional Specialist (AIPS) certification, as well as basic administration, intermediate and advanced application programming.

Westcon Academy training enhances the student learning experience through demonstration, instructor interaction and workshops in a live virtual environment.

Check out and register for an Avaya class today!


NEW Madness in March Promotion

Partnering with Allegiant Technology, Avaya is powering the command center for the National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC) annual convention, through its powered by Avaya IP Office solution.

And now through March 27, you can get +3% added to the currently available SMB 30, SMB 150 and MM 3000 automated offers.

Build Momentum Around CS1000 Migration Offers

Leverage the Loyalty2gether Program for Avaya CS1000 to extend the benefits of Avaya’s unified communications and customer experience solutions to CS1000 customers. The foundation is Avaya’s core communications platforms — Aura and IP Office, both available in flexible cloud, premise and hybrid deployment.


IP Office R11, Powered By 3.0 and Equinox for IP Office Webinars

Join us for two events in April celebrating the upcoming IP Office Release 11 and IP Office Powered By 3.0. These events are targeted at Sales and Pre-Sales Associates who wish to understand the exciting new developments with these releases.


Session 1: April 12 or 13

IP Office R11, Powered By 3.0 and Avaya IP Office Cloud: The Future is Now!

Learn about the exciting new capabilities and value with IP Office R11 and Powered By 3.0, including the new IP Office software, Vantage basic, new phones, soft-clients and Unified Communications via Equinox for IP Office. After this session you will be familiar with a new cloud go-to-market model and architecture with Avaya Cloud IP Office, the first new solution to launch under the Avaya Cloud family.

Session 2: April 26 or 27

Avaya Equinox for IP Office and Equinox Meetings Online

Get familiar with the Equinox Value story and positioning with IP Office. In this webinar, you’ll learn more about the Equinox solutions architecture and design in greater detail, including the Presence and IP Office directory. Zang Spaces and Equinox Meetings Online are the UC/Conferencing engines behind IP Office Equinox Support.

Choose the days and times that fit your schedule. Please register with your business email address. (Personal emails are not recommended as certain email domains will be removed from the registrations).


April Tech Transfer Webinar

the cloud.

These virtually delivered webinars are live Tuesday, April 10 through Thursday, April 12, giving you access to live chat with subject matter experts, or you can review the recorded sessions with material and Q&A anytime you like.

On Tuesday, April 10, you can learn more about:

  • IP Office R11 and Powered By 3.0
  • CMS 18.0.2
  • J100 Phones
  • Vantage Release 1.1

Wednesday, April 11 is focused on the Avaya Aura Platform, including

  • Aura Roadmap and Features
  • Security and JITC
  • Management Features
  • OS Separation
  • And More

Thursday, April 12 is Avaya Equinox Day with:

  • Equinox Client
  • Equinox Meetings Online
  • Project Aurora
  • Equinox Conferencing
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