Ride the Wave — Avaya Oceana Solution 3.3 Now Generally Available

The July 7 release provides additional investment protection for existing Avaya customers while offering a new path to Avaya Oceanalytics, simplified installation, reduced footprint, security improvements and simplified routing management.

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Business Operation Updates

Avaya Networking Updates

Here is a summary of the key business operations changes to the Networking Quote to Ordering Separation Policy regarding promotions, special bids, quoting and ordering.

Portfolio Availability

Partners can continue to sell the entire Avaya Networking portfolio of products and solutions.

Avaya Relationship

Your current Westcon and Avaya account manager will be your single point of contact.

Quoting and Ordering

All mixed quotes AUS in “Ready to Order” status will change to In-complete status, and will not progress to an order until the Networking codes are separated. And a new separate quote will need to be created.

Mixed quotes will be set to a blocked status on the Quote Center page in A1S.

All newly created quotes will require separate Avaya quotes for Avaya Networking and Avaya non-networking products and services.

For details, please refer to the Networking Quote to Ordering Separation Policy.

Special Bids

The standard AIS Deal Manager or SFDC/SSR process will apply to separate Avaya non-networking and networking quotes.

  1. Any special bids or Deal Registration discounts will have to be redone if they have not processed by June 30th.
  2. The Partner will be responsible to separate into 2 quotes and re-apply for any previously approved discounts.


Networking promos removed from mixed quotes and all non-Networking offers (SMB, MidMarket & Enterprise) on 1st July following divestiture of Avaya Networking

These promos Continue Fabric NOW, Network NOW and ACE-Fx Select

Avaya Edge Partner Program

Existing program requirements and policies will remain in effect for the immediate future.


Avaya does not anticipate any pricing changes while Avaya systems are being utilized for Networking sales

Renewal Quoting (EC Services)

A1S Renewals and MSQT quotes do not require separation. Existing contracts with mixed materials will be separated by Avaya. Support contracts will be cloned as they are today and the Networking portion will be assumed by Extreme.


New A1S Quote Center Page and Content Coming July 24

  • Faster refresh of pages
  • Better performance
  • New menu options
  • Concise screen views

Check out this video explaining the new features.



Avaya Support Services Reference Guide

Use this document as your source for answers to all questions related to offers and policies supported by Avaya Support Services.


Westcon IPO Services Tool

The Westcon Avaya IP Office Services tool makes it easy to quote complete solutions. Receive a quote for installation, support and training services simply by entering information for the IPO systems you’re recommending.

Login Here


Support Coverage Cancellations and Term Fees

When a customer purchases support coverage under the terms of a specific agreement, both the customer and Avaya are obligated to honor the terms of the agreement. Customers that prematurely terminate their support coverage may receive termination fees. Customers may be exempt from term fees if the cancellation is done at the time of upgrade. Upgrades done on a different sold-to number than the original system, could result in term fees as it does not fall within the guidelines for an upgrade based on sold to.


IPO Summer Offer

Through September 26, take advantage of the IPO Summer offer. This simple and attractive promotion targeting customers with greater than 30 users, is for new IP Office and requires the following:

  • IP500 v2 Control Unit or Server or Virtual Server
  • Minimum Essential Edition (ASIPP or non-ASIPP), R9.1
  • Any mix of analog or digital extensions, or IP licenses (ASIPP or non-ASIPP) up to 3,000
  • Minimum of 30 endpoints
  • Minimum of $5,000 list deal size

To heat up your summer sales with the IPO Summer offer, click here.

Technical Tip

Gmail Voicemail to Email Issue 9.1 SP8 and SP10 as well as 10.0 SP3

  • Gmail stopped accepting SMTP transactions around March 2017 from cell providers that include a comma in caller ID name
  • Some cell providers are using city-comma-state as the format for caller ID name display (i.e. Denver, CO)
  • Critical patches available


No Audio on IP Phones 10.0 SP3

  • When users were created via .csv templates or LDAP imports
  • Transmit and receive gain fields (-32 is default) are populated, which means a media stream is there, but -32 may be too low to hear, so user believes there is no audio
  • Do not change the gain level manually and push that programming back to IPO, anyone doing this will not be supported by Avaya
  • Patch available


Voicemail Pro Busy 10.0 SP2, SP3

  • Voicemail Pro provides busy signal for callers sent to mailboxes and/or AA
  • Voicemail Pro service shows running
  • Voicemail type shows “none”
  • Problem is a memory buffer leak
  • Restarting IP Office core clears memory depletion
  • Current workaround is to disable RTCP monitoring


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