Exactly What You Need. Where and How You Want It.

The WestconGroup Service Provider Team exists solely to help you achieve and exceed your business goals in delivering category-leading technology solutions. In our role as a premier, value-added global distributor, we strengthen each Service Provider’s business by offering specialized solutions, services and resources you won’t find anywhere else. When you partner with us, you leverage full support from an experienced team dedicated to expanding your reach, capabilities, opportunities and prospects.

Specialty Focus

Our knowledgeable team of subject matter experts fully understands the unique and demanding needs of Service Providers, offering exceptional financial and technical support for opportunities of all sizes. We provide consolidated account management and collaborate closely with you to identify and implement tailored go-to-market strategies that enhance your efficiencies and drive your business.

Global Scale

Our Global Deployment Solutions allow us to offer seamless fulfillment services. Our team delivers highly complex, multinational, multivendor rollouts and in-market CPE products and services under a single global agreement, with a single point of contact and ONE contract that covers all entities. This results in consistent delivery, inventory management, staging services and bundling, combined with custom reporting for shipping and tracking information, as well as customized billing solutions for global and regional markets.

Custom Solutions and Services

The WestconGroup Service Provider Team creates and delivers tailored solutions and services that span Service Provider enterprise business, CPE resale, managed services, and key vertical markets including education, federal government, state and local government, healthcare, and more. We work with you to deliver custom offerings that enable your managed services, including staging, configuration, asset tagging, inventory management and reverse logistics. We also work with our vendor partners to deliver cloud subscriptions and services for developing custom solutions. Our unique Concierge Program enables select service providers to deliver precisely the products they request, based on their customers’ unique requirements.

Logistics Expertise

Westcon enables you to focus on your core business by handling all deployment, logistics and compliance considerations. We are expert in our ability to deliver what you need, when you need it, and how you need it. We work with you to manage projects through virtual warehousing, storage and custom-tailored services, ensuring on-time arrival. We also offer staging, packaging and compliance services that allow products to arrive per exact customer specifications, ready to install and always via a secure, efficient supply chain.

We are the only technology distribution partner who:

  • Supports customers through a dedicated team with demonstrated experience and expertise in the Service Providers space
  • Offers products and multivendor solutions from leading unified communications and collaboration, network infrastructure, security, mobility, data center, and cloud technology partners and manufacturers
  • Executes ONE contract that covers all entities
  • Provides centrally managed, locally delivered global procurement solutions
  • Demonstrates full commitment to helping our customers cultivate and capture new business
  • Offers a Concierge Program that enables select customers to deliver precisely the products and services they request, based on their customers’ specific project requirements

Let's Get Started Delivering Results Together

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