Implementing Cisco Collaboration Devices (CICD) v1.0 is a 5-day training program that follows the ICOMM blueprint. The primary difference is that video topics have been added into the course and Cisco Unity Express has been removed. CICD v1.0 also introduces a new type of lab called a Discovery lab. Discovery labs are a learning environment and enable students to learn about principles and technology in a more interactive, hands-on way. Discovery labs are located in the Student Guide embedded in the lessons and are intended to be performed by the students when they reach them in the course. Discovery labs replace content from ICOMM with an interactive learning environment and are considered mandatory and should be treated as a part of the lesson. Read More

This Introduction to Cisco Sales (ICS) v1.0 course will provide students with an overview of the approach to selling Cisco including the general concepts of outcome-based selling, the sales role in business outcomes, and identifying the customer’s requirements. This training will cover the features, functions, advantages and benefits of Cisco’s Collaboration Solutions for Midsize businesses including Cisco’s flagship offer, the Cisco Business Edition 6000. Partners will gain an understanding of the Cisco Business Edition 6000 Collaboration services that can improve the customer business case and reduce total cost of ownership. Read More

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