Comstor Managed Marketing is designed to give resellers the opportunity to work with a variety of different Marketing Agencies. Each partnership offers a slightly different level of marketing service ranging from low, medium and high touch engagement models. We aim to understand the reseller’s core business objectives and Cisco focus area(s) so we can pair the correct level of marketing service to meet their needs.

The Partner Marketing Reality

In reality, partners want to do marketing. They are even willing to pay for, but they need help!

Let us be your single, trusted resource available to help with:

Building a Marketing Plan

Building a Marketing Budget

Actual Marketing Execution

Optimizing Based on Results

We believe a reseller does not need to take on excessive marketing overhead to get marketing results.

Managed Marketing offers three unique marketing engagements depending on where you are in your Cisco journey. Find out which one fits best with your Cisco business today.

Appointment Settings


  • 5 Scheduled Appointments Per Quarter
  • Appointment Guarantee
  • $40K Average Per Appointment

GOV ED/Lead Generation


  • Receive 2-4 Face-to-Face Meetings

Dedicated Marketing Consultants


  • Access to a Virtual Marketing Headcount
  • Assisting Navigating Cisco Tools and Resources
  • Develop a One-Year Marketing Plan

DEMANDSolv Marketing Platform


  • Free Platform for Marketing to Customers
  • Easy Posting to Social, Emails and Blogs
  • Grow Sales with Weekly Vendor Content to Share

Contact Managed Marketing at 303-566-7914 for more information.

Let's Get Started Delivering Results Together

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