Support Services

Nurture, Expand and Enhance

Westcon-Comstor Support Services provide your business with tailored, global capabilities that nurture, expand and enhance your own offering. We lead technology distribution with unique technical support capabilities that enable solution providers to deliver proactive support and monitoring capabilities across multiple vendors and multiple technologies, so you can focus on your business, not your technology. You can even white label our support services, so your customers only see you.

Our Support Center Services can also expand your standard maintenance packages to include how-to support and remedial training.

Nurture, Expand and Enhance

GoldSeal Support

GoldSeal provides day-two support, enabling you or your customers to report incidents or failures to the Westcon-Comstor GoldSeal Support team any time of day, any day of the year. Our team will troubleshoot the issue and escalate to the vendor if needed.

On-site Support

A specialized Westcon-Comstor engineer will work with you at your customers’ facilities to provide preventive support of a planned task, such as a deployment, or as emergency support.

Device Monitoring

We proactively monitor your customers’ devices 24/7, communicating potential failures before they reach an alarm situation.

Service Monitoring

We can help you mitigate risk by proactively monitoring your customers’ services, addressing issues before they happen.

Support Centers

Our 10 network/security operations centers are spread across the globe, giving us the ability to proactively support and monitor your customers’ products anytime, anywhere.

Authorized Support

We are an authorized support center for Videxio, Palo Alto and Sonus. Our authorized partner status provides you with competitive support not included in most vendor-direct offers, and enables you to make more margin by providing a higher level of service for your customers.

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