Complex Security Challenges? No Agents. No Excuses. No Problem!

New and unmanaged devices join your customers’ networks every hour. Reduce the attack surface, accelerate risk detection, and automate incident response with ForeScout solutions and expert support from Westcon.

ForeScout CounterACT™

ForeScout CounterACT™ sees desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, IoT endpoints, peripherals and rogue devices the instant they connect to the network — even if they don’t have security agents installed. It discovers servers, routers and access points, too. CounterACT gathers in-depth insights about device types, users, applications, operating systems and more. Then it continuously monitors the devices. No agents. No excuses.


ForeScout CounterACT™ Enterprise Manager

ForeScout CounterACT™ Enterprise Manager provides centralized management and control of CounterACT deployments. Enterprise Manager can be deployed as a physical or virtual management appliance. It oversees ForeScout CounterACT activities and policies and collects information about malicious activity at an appliance, as well as identification, notification, restriction and remediation actions taken by CounterACT.


ForeScout ControlFabric™ Architecture

The ForeScout ControlFabric™ Architecture is a set of open integration technologies that enables ForeScout CounterACT™ and other IT solutions to exchange information and more efficiently mitigate a wide variety of network, security and operational issues. As a result, your customers can achieve continuous monitoring and mitigation capabilities that better leverage their infrastructure investments and optimize IT resources.


ForeScout Base and Extended Modules

ForeScout Base and Extended Modules leverage the capabilities of the ForeScout ControlFabric™ Architecture to provide ForeScout CounterACT™ unprecedented interoperability, integration and multivendor security orchestration capabilities. Modules currently support more than 70 third-party solutions, with more on the way.

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