Architectural Programs

Cisco offers various Architectural Programs to support their advanced, modular approach to technology design. Comstor supports the Cisco architectural programs our partners need to support your customers with the advancements for networks that support the latest technologies and more. Programs available through Comstor include data center, security, enterprise networking and collaboration.

Comstor EDGE

We are your competitive EDGE. Comstor is more than you might expect from a distributor. We are your Dynamic Value Partner, helping you profitably and strategically grow your Cisco business.

Executive Relevance Selling (ERS)

Comstor’s Executive Relevance Selling (ERS) program offers an end-to-end sales methodology that is highly effective at translating Cisco solutions into hard cash flows and closing business at the executive level. The ERS approach empowers Comstor partners to establish unique strategic executive value and this go deeper and higher within organizations. Partners who use ERS build bigger pipelines and sell more at greater margin than those who do not.

Service Providers

The Comstor Service Provider Team exists solely to help you achieve and exceed your business goals in delivering category-leading technology solutions. In our role as a premier, value-added global distributor, Comstor strengthens each Service Provider’s business by offering specialized solutions, services and resources you won’t find anywhere else. When you partner with Comstor, you leverage full support from an experienced team dedicated to expanding your reach, capabilities, opportunities and prospects.

Global Deployment Services

Through the Westcon-Comstor Global Deployment Practice (GDS), we offer an efficient supply chain solution to help you navigate international trade regulations so you can successfully execute on a global scale. Our GDS Practice extends your capabilities without introducing competitive partners to your end-user clients. This flexible program complements your current capabilities, extends your geographic reach, and provides you and your customers with the ability to pursue new geographic market opportunities with minimal investment.

Let's Get Started Delivering Results Together

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