Business-to-Business Services

EDI RosettaNet XML Web Services
Product Information
1. Pricing/Product Catalog
2. Product Availability
3. Purchase Order
Post Sale Information
4. Order Status
5. Advanced Ship Notice
6. Invoice
7. Point of Sales (POS)


Save your company money and time by exchanging information via EDI, RosettaNet XML and Web Services. These Business-to-Business tools provide an efficient alternative to traditional, paper-based information flows.

Our partners receive information much faster, greatly reducing cycle times while increasing productivity and end-customer satisfaction. Business-to-Business tools transactions also reduce errors that can result from information being rekeyed.

EDI and RosettaNet XML can be delivered via VAN, FTP, FTP/S, HTTPS and AS2. For more information, please contact your account manager or email


EDI/RosettaNet XML

Product Information

  • Pricing/Product Catalog via EDI 832 or RosettaNet 2A1
  • Product Availability via EDI 846 or RosettaNet 2A1



  • Purchase Orders and Acknowledgements via EDI 850/855, Vendor partners via XML 3A4



  • Order Status via EDI 870
  • Advanced Ship Notice via EDI 856 or XML 3B2
  • B2B Invoices via the EDI 810, Vendor partners via XML 3C3
  • Point of Sale (POS) via EDI 867 transaction to vendor partners


Web Services

Increase productivity with Web Services integration, a cost-effective way to incorporate Westcon-Comstor information into your systems. Web Services are offered either directly through Westcon-Comstor or through trusted third-party providers such as CNet, ChannelOnline, VARStreet, Quosal and QuoteWerks


  • Data is always current
  • Implementation can occur within a matter of days
  • Straightforward setup with low investment
  • Extremely flexible, providing information through an “Always on Feed” you can leverage your way, in a consistent format for use across multiple systems
  • Tailored through a request/response-based system – you receive only the information you request, when you request it
  • Highly reliable Internet data transmission


Implementation Guides

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