What Is Varnex?


Varnex is a peer-to-peer community of SYNNEX resellers, united in a spirit of collaboration to drive growth and achieve success in the channel. By connecting with fellow members, sharing ideas and strategies, and partnering to support each other, Varnex members gain a level of strength and collective expertise that would take years to develop through investment alone.

Top 10 Reasons to Join Varnex

1. Network with TOP peers, TOP vendors, & TOP SYNNEX execs

2. Exclusive training opportunities, including Varnex University

3. NET 45 and other exclusive credit programs, including SYNNEX RISE

4. Two national conferences and six regional events

5. Participate in business workshops

6. Exclusive vendor promotions and contests

7. Exclusive shipping programs, including FedEx discounts & lower minimums for FREE freight

8. Interactive partner website: Find partners and find opportunities

9. Free subscription to the Varnex-exclusive Insider Magazine

10. Informative weekly emails filled with information on need-to-know topics