Stimulus funds support broadband access for remote work, education, and other needs

Demand for high-speed, reliable internet connectivity is never-ending as work from home, digital learning, telehealth and other needs expand exponentially. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown how critical it is to be connected, no matter where you are.

The U.S. government has responded to this historic public health crisis by passing stimulus legislation aimed at improving broadband access for schools, health care and other agencies and organizations. Federal funds offer a little more than $1 trillion to help expand broadband access and infrastructure in the U.S. Here’s the breakdown:

Public School Funding

As an example of what’s possible, a school district might qualify for public school funding help to upgrade and expand high-speed internet access to students and support remote learning. Meanwhile, local governments could receive funding for telecommunications infrastructure projects that provide connectivity in rural and underserved areas. It’s all part of an effort to bring Americans fast and reliable broadband access.

Connect with professional resources

With the large amount of money targeted toward broadband, communities, businesses and organizations need to plan carefully. Navigating federal coronavirus aid can be a confusing process, especially when figuring out how to find and use government money for IT networks and infrastructure.
To help customers and partners take advantage of these opportunities, CommScope has created the RUCKUS Funding Support Program. It offers free consultative support to ensure businesses and communities secure the public funding they need to meet new connectivity demands now.

The RUCKUS Funding Support Program will help:

• State and local governments
• K-12 schools and districts
• Colleges and universities
• Hospitals and clinics
• Transportation, law enforcement and public safety entities

CommScope’s program provides step-by-step guidance to help applicants understand the opportunities, envision the future, apply for and secure public funding and complete projects successfully. This free resource helps participants meet the steep connectivity demands that are already outpacing available technology.

CommScope’s PartnerPRO Network, a global alliance of trained, certified network designers, distributors, installers and integrators, helps communities, businesses and organizations ensure smooth deployments. Backed by the global experience of CommScope, the PartnerPRO Network provides the right technology at the right time – and with the right people – to drive successful projects.

Five great reasons you should adopt cloud-managed networking

AI-enabled converged network management-as-a-service

Having trouble managing an increasingly complex network environment with your existing IT resources or meeting increasingly demanding user expectations? No problem.

  1. SIMPLICITY: Simplify lifecycle management of your infrastructure—from zero-touch provisioning to monitoring to managing—so you can keep everything patched and updated, all at the time, across multiple locations without additional onsite IT specialists.
  1. VISIBILITY: Gain insights into network performance, resource consumption, and overall network health. You’ll get this valuable visibility for all users, devices applications and network infrastructure, across all your sites, virtually in real-time via a single pane of glass dashboard.
  1. SECURITY: Ensure that your controller and connected devices (such as Wi-Fi APs and switches) are automatically updated to the latest feature sets and the most current security patches.
  1. SCALABILITY: Scale up or down your network management solution to match your changing business needs, without compromising user experiences or worrying about incurring extra costs.
  1. COST: Ensure an attractive total cost of ownership from the ground up. Optimal scalability helps you avoid excess CapEx, while greater simplicity and enhanced visibility reduce OpEx by streamlining IT training, management and helpdesk operations.

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