In the pro AV industry, the corporate segment represents the largest single vertical, and makes up fully one-third of the market. And providing AV and AV-IT solutions for the corporate enterprise now means much more than just AV for boardrooms and conferencing rooms. It now also means AV for “hero spaces” such as lobbies, welcoming centers, and donor walls; more meeting spaces including Huddle rooms; video walls for every space from the break room to videoconferencing centers; and much more.

The opportunities for growth are many, due to:

  • Display needs have exploded in demand (including for 4K and even 8K)
  • Video walls are the fastest growing sub-segment of AV, with video walls made up of tiled 1080P or 4K flat-panel displays with total resolution beyond 8K– and best practices for delivering video signal to these devices in the most efficient way possible are evolving quickly
  • A new need for more and different options for connectivity and networking in corporate spaces, as the AV industry is undergoing significant change – toward more AV over IP. With only a few AV/IP products five years ago, we’ve moved to thousands of AV/IP products today.
  • Streaming will increase– whether for linking spaces within an enterprise or bringing in content from other sources.


Our extensive product knowledge and support garnered SYNNEX multiple service awards in 2020. Our team of expert solutions architects and engineers can assist in the design of a solution, providing recommendations and input on design, sales, and support.

The healthcare industry continues as one of the economic drivers of the economy, and new digital display and digital signage tools are transforming what used to be low-technology customer service into networked, robust information systems. AV-based healthcare applications now provide both patients and staff needed information, custom-tailored and remotely managed.


Following best practices, and working with SYNNEX, you can now choose the best healthcare applications that address the many needs: mobile device management, emergency alert systems, reduction of perceived wait time at clinics and hospitals, check-in management, communication of compliance rules, and more (including Ad-based networks in clinics).


And topping the list of healthcare’s most urgent need today: new telemedicine tools that enable remote diagnostics and remote patient management. In fact, the recent easing of regulations surrounding telemedicine is now unleashing huge demand in telehealth. And the SYNNEX team has years of experience navigating both the technical and regulatory landscape of healthcare.

New best practices have been established for government agencies as they choose the best, most IT network-friendly displays, cameras, audio, and other pro AV hardware and software. They use this technology for digital signage, collaboration, training centers, command and control centers, and other applications that are more mission-critical than most typical AV installations. That calls for the best commercial-grade displays, and better integration of AV devices into IT networks. In some government facilities, Common Criteria compliance and TAA compliance is also necessary. And add to that, the need to keep all data transmitted and displayed securely within the IT managers’ domain and control. The SYNNEX teams are unrivaled in experience, crafting solutions for the unique needs of government and public safety users.

In early 2020, higher education, and K-12 AV/IT administrators were tasked with pivoting their campuses to remote learning. While some see that pivot as parenting a revolution in the adoption of new tools and moving higher-ed five years into future, the SYNNEX education team has long known the value of designing a 21stcentury classroom that transforms learning through communication and collaboration, from digital signage to physical security and classroom collaboration tools.

The SYNNEX team can help you design a cutting-edge solution to teach students in spaces ranging from small classrooms to full-sized lecture halls in K-12 and higher education. Key is creating systems that are uniform and easy to use. By keeping up to date on the latest EdTech trends such as blended learning, online learning, and virtual/video conferencing for schools, we’re able to design solutions that allow for personalized learning for all students.

SYNNEX employs a team of former educators who serve as subject matter experts. Our team understands product needs and deliver solutions that fit with the curriculum and content needs of our K-12 and higher-education clients. We design active-learning classrooms that are grounded in best practices.

For both today’s leisure traveler and business traveler, expectations for all parts of the guest experience have changed and evolved. While in-room televisions and digital signage in lobbies, bars, and public areas have been part of hospitality spaces for years, guests now expect much more from a facility’s display ecosystem than just TV’s and signage. They expect routine digital signage to facilitate their stay – yes, that’s table stakes for every hospitality facility – but they now expect much more, and they are willing to pay extra for more. That’s why venue operators now realize the importance of leveraging the best digital tools – especially new-generation displays and networked display infrastructure – to provide their guests the kind of digitally enhanced, personalized experience they want, from first impressions at check-in all the way to an in-room TV experience that delivers way beyond yesterday’s capabilities.

The challenges of the retail world are well known. Brick and mortar stores have been under pressure in recent years as online shopping has seen explosive growth. But that translates to huge opportunity for AV technology providers. Technology can demonstrate to shoppers that the retailer can provide a more responsive, caring, and results-oriented shopping experience in-store. And retailers are aggressively pursuing those tech solutions, today.

Research shows that:

  • Customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator
  • Up to 95% of shopping and purchase decisions are made in the non-conscious
  • Retailers plan to double their investment in “retail experiences” this year
  • Retail will account for a constantly increasing proportion of digital signage and other AV equipment and services sales through 2025.
  • It’s not just new display and other consumer-facing tech that is changing retail. With the integration of IoT and big data, we’re seeing the transformation of brick and mortar businesses from transactional to interactive experiences.
  • Importantly for market growth: the definition of “retail” is changing. Pro sports arenas are not just for sporting matches today– the newest ones are retail centers as well. And airports are another example of the morphing of public spaces into retail spaces. Both markets are undergoing huge transformations– and both are immune from the online-shopping effect.

New video and tech tools are raising the bar for congregations’ experiences, and the house of worship market was already a much bigger than most people think. Are you a part of it?


  • With new technology, churches are transforming their worship experience to one with cross-over appeal for millennials.
  • Of the 8,000 multi-site churches in the U.S., most are planning the launch an additional campus in the next 12 months. And they will spend, collectively, more than half a billion dollars on technology for those new multi-site venues.
  • Communications are happening not just one campus but can also include multiple sites– and many churches stream services to a worldwide audience.
  • Many churches are moving to end-to-end 4K/60p production-value solutions.
  • Laser projection for I-MAG screens is a must, but some churches are also replacing brick-and-mortar stage sets with digital scenery by edge-blending projectors, and, increasingly, direct-view LED.

The use of AV, displays, and digital signage networks in public transportation hubs has been on the rise, and that growth is forecast to continue. Airports, train stations, subway stations and tunnels, and parking garages are all seeing growing demand for pro AV solutions. And add to that, the rise of command and control centers to manage the operation of all those networked facilities. It’s a combined market with huge revenue potential on the hardware side, but also on the content management side.

To make the AV solution choices for the transportation market, you’ll need to consider the best products for displaying departure/arrival schedule information, but with a keen eye image quality, networkability, the ruggedness of gear, and, importantly, the need to scale up networked solutions for multiple locations.

In today’s more security-conscious environments, you’ll need to provide all those solutions in a way that contributes to, not compromises, both network security and the physical security of the facility. Fortunately, the SYNNEX team is uniquely poised to help you offer your customer the perfect blend of public, rugged, secure, and scalable solutions for booming transportation needs.

Of the $247B total AV market in 2019, the live events market represented a sizeable $26.7B . “Live events” includes both live performance events (touring concerts primarily) and corporate events. And the market is evolving quickly, with new kinds of live events. Larger (and some huge) digital palettes (think bigger displays, direct-view LED, and large venue projection), and VR, AR, and AI are now turning the attention of more corporate customers to live event possibilities.


The opportunity? Recent research shows that the customer/end-user – often the event producer, or meeting planner – spends a significantly higher percentage of their total event budgets on AV than customers in AV integration projects. And they see direct benefits of using great AV for their events, with increased interest in new solutions such as creating digital archives of the events and doing more streaming of their events.

Sports is an economic juggernaut in the U.S. economy, including pro sports and also for college sports. The big sports arenas have obvious tech assets – from the big “Jumbotron” to a full-blown broadcast TV station – and increasingly streaming, digital signage, and collaboration technologies are also part of the mix.

Direct-view LED is a big part of the boom in AV for sports facilities. The new LED board at the University of Texas at Austin features 14,000 square feet of 16mm LED technology. And that’s just one of hundreds of high-ticket LED-based venues. Yankees Stadium, Chicago Wrigley, Cowboys Stadium, and many more are installing direct-view LED, with newer venues specing in 13mm pixel pitch LED and even higher resolution.


Beyond the pure provision of display, video, and audio solutions, there is new opportunity in tying into advertising and sponsorship revenue for the display networks and huge LED walls in pro sports facilities, college facilities. Even high schools and municipalities often explore new business models along those lines. Integrators can be a key part of this boom in providing AV for sports venues if they have a great distributor partner like SYNNEX. We’re experienced in designing and creating complete LED, video, audio, networking, and digital signage ecosystems that not only meet AV needs but open doors for venues to create robust place-based content networks.

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