Finding new markets is important in any economic landscape. That will never change, despite the macro- and micro-economic conditions of the day and the ups and downs of business cycles. But even in less volatile years, finding new market opportunities is never straightforward. It not only requires mining opportunities on new horizons, but also in your current customer base.

So, how do integrators – working with a top distributor like SYNNEX – take advantage of a non-obvious market opportunity? Three things are key: addressing the new markets that have emerged, helping current customers with changing needs in traditional verticals, and offering bundled solutions that help with both goals. Here are a few prominent new market opportunities to be aware of.

Visitor Management and Safe Spaces
It’s clear that health and safety are now part of the AV world. Temperature screening, touchless transactions, restaurants with no printed menus, wayfinding to navigate more managed spaces – they’re all part of new landscape for retail, healthcare, enterprise, and educational spaces.

While these verticals are generally considered part of AV, entirely new supply-and-demand dynamics are emerging. For example, the AV part of the equation in many new applications will involve digital signage screens paired with thermal screening. Every vertical will also need bigger LCD or DvLED (direct-view LED) screens to legibly display health protocols and emergency messaging.

Outdoor Displays – a Booming New Market
The trend started a few years ago with QSRs (quick-serve restaurants) and the need for ruggedized, large, highly bright digital displays. For QSR drive-thrus, the need has been obvious: big, bright displays that are visible in direct sunlight and can withstand both freezing and 100+ degree temperatures. Today, QSRs are more important than ever, but many have pivoted to offer a combination of curbside pickup, outdoor dining, and in-restaurant dining and need signage to support that.

And in a different vertical, the niche category of home theater/outdoor residential display (think big screens by the pool or patio) is growing as more people invest in home technology upgrades. The sports market is another example where the demand for direct view LED keeps growing and growing. The bottom line? You’ll see big demand for bigger, brighter, and even more rugged outdoor AV displays in many verticals.

Video Projection Everywhere
While the video projector has been a mainstay in everything from classrooms and boardrooms to large venues and concert halls, we’re seeing demand for new market applications. For example, in retail spaces, houses of worship, and entertainment spaces, you can now project video onto any surface. With new-generation products (like Epson’s LightScene) that combine the aesthetic freedom of a lighting device with the video capabilities of a projector, there’s no need for a projection screen. In fact, storefront windows can now also act as a projection screen, allowing outward-facing messaging and content. And super-short-throw projectors now make it possible to position projectors anywhere in a classroom.

A New Kind of AV Solution Bundle
Today’s demand is about more than products. To improve system efficiencies, customers need curated and carefully bundled solutions. While the trend toward bundled solutions has been strong in recent years, the market is now moving to a higher level. The new standard? Understanding what hardware and hardware/software bundles will best suit each customer’s needs.

New-generation LED, more interactive screens of all kinds, and better content management options mean expanded opportunity across all verticals. The key to providing more tailored, sophisticated bundles? Better APIs (application programming interfaces). The best AV and AV/IT solutions today are API-driven, because the API allows two applications to more easily talk to each other.

Because so many AV products are either software-based or have a software layer, it can be confusing to keep track of what pieces of the puzzle work well with other pieces. That’s where SYNNEX comes in. We can help you create bundles that work seamlessly together in any IT environment. Our team members work constantly with product manufacturers to maximize cross-efficiency for every application.

Key Takeaway:
2020 saw myriad challenges with budgets in a variety of verticals, but savvy AV and AV/IT integrators and resellers have pivoted quickly to adapt. With new-generation AV products and tailored solution bundles based on the latest API-driven hardware/software, SYNNEX can help you take advantage of new demand and market opportunities