Your Partner in Physical Security

At the apex of all the trends in IT, AV, data collection, and the increased focus on safety, is a new urgency around physical security. Without great physical security in any facility, nothing else can prosper. And demand for increasingly connected, AI and data-driven solutions is driving the need for more holistic physical security approaches. SYNNEX VISUALSolv unites the industry’s top surveillance, access control, cloud, and secure network infrastructure to build the cross-functional solutions the market needs – now more than ever.

Leverage SYNNEX’ broadline capabilities, technical expertise, and personal service to create the best physical security solutions possible. For fixed and mobile surveillance, our goal to take complex technologies and make them simple by reducing the potential need for additional infrastructure or multiple partners to produce a successful, complete business solution. Our solutions include rack equipment, POE switches, IP cameras, and NVR/recording. SYNNEX is aligned with the industry’s top manufacturers to provide those solutions.


Partner with us for access to a comprehensive line card made up of the top camera vendors. We can also help you stay in the know with monthly, vertical-based trainings and “Surveillance 101,” a five-part educational series.


Our mobile physical security solutions can help with mass transit, pupil transport, law enforcement, first responders, and both on- and off-highway trucks. We can also help you build solutions for camera and mobile data terminals, data transfer over mobile remote locations, and utilization of cloud storage.

Vendor Partners