There Have Never Been More Options, for Every Customer Need

Regardless of which AV vertical market you’re in, there has never been such a renaissance of displays and display peripherals as there is today. And if you thought that providing displays had turned into a commoditized activity with fewer growth/profitability prospects, you probably haven’t been paying attention to new technologies and features that offer entirely new flat panel solutions for AV, IT, digital signage, and control room challenges.

Let’s start with that familiar component in the display landscape in all verticals: the flat panel screen. (LCD panels, but also now quantum dot, and OLED panels.) Even as dropping prices for run of the mill LCD panels and TV’s has squeezed much of the profit out of the category for many resellers and integrators, two things have also happened. One, falling prices for basic models have grown the overall demand for all AV services and solutions, so the entire market has expanded; and two, more and more display manufacturers are now offering display screens that have some combination of integrated SoC (system on a chip), collaboration hardware and/or software, super-thin bezel to allow tiling into video walls, and other features in high demand in the enterprise, and for education, government, and digital signage.

Integrated SoC (system on a chip) in displays has been an option for a few years, but it’s catching on more for digital signage end users who don’t want to buy separate media players. With a built-in SoC, displays from some of the most prominent display makers (Samsung, LG, and others) you can reduce TCO on many installations – you don’t need separate media players as the CMS (content management system) can run on the internal SoC.

UCC (Unified Communication & Collaboration) is now in a massive upswing as more collaboration, including remote working and remote class attendance, is the order of the day. Just connecting on your laptop to a MS Teams meeting, for example, is table stakes in the new collaboration landscape. To do productive, robust collaboration, suppliers are now offering screens for meeting rooms and huddle rooms with integrated collaboration software. And even better, they’re offering bundles consisting of the above plus smart room cameras, and sophisticated DSP-based audio. So now collaboration teams in companies and universities are not just doing a quick Zoom call or MS Teams meeting but are bring many USB peripherals, and/or wireless peripherals such as large touch screens, document/video/file sharing, and better audio conferencing into the mix – all locked down with the best network security tools.

For mid to large screen displays and video walls, including for digital signage, Command & Control Centers, and security monitoring centers, today’s flat panels are not your father’s LCD. All the major suppliers now have:

  • Super-thin bezel products, making it easy to tile screens into video walls
  • Thinner, more light weight products that are easier to both mount and blend in architecturally with the space
  • 1080P, 4K, and now 8K resolution options
  • Standard LCD, quantum dot, or OLED options

Indeed, there have never been so many flat panel display options available, at prices that open up more opportunity to grow the market overall.

In the next blog, we’ll talk about direct view LED: it’s the newest and one of the hottest display categories today, as the market powers ahead with higher resolution and more affordable options in all LED size categories. And best of all, direct view LED allows you to spec whatever resolution you want