Demand planning for growth in the pro AV, digital signage, and physical security markets

The pro AV, digital signage, and physical security markets saw big changes in 2020. So what’s in store for 2021? With so many verticals in those larger categories, there are several areas that will show both growth and increased opportunity for solution providers. As we look toward 2021, here are a few of the top technology needs the VISUALSolv market experts at SYNNEX are preparing for.

Pro AV

Larger displays will be in big demand in 2021. 55 to 98-inch displays are better suited for messaging of all kinds, including visitor management, occupancy, and marketing messages. Expect increased demand for larger-size LCD screens as well as for DvLEDs (direct view LEDs). And part of this trend involves more, and larger, outdoor displays, ruggedized for quick-serve restaurant drive-thrus, retail centers, sports facilities, schools and universities, and transportation hubs.

Digital Signage

Digital signage is more important than ever, and demand in the healthcare, education, transportation, sports, government, and retail verticals is poised for growth.

For all of retail, there will be new opportunity to provide products and services that cross what was previously a divide between physical security and digital signage. The retail market is quickly combining digital signage with wayfinding or marketing messaging with building access technology such as health screening or other forms of visitor management. SYNNEX now offers creative solutions that use the best new technologies of security/building access with visitor management plus digital signage functionality.

In healthcare, medical displays of all kinds are increasingly in demand for clinical, diagnostic, and surgical settings. These applications often involve digital signage hardware and software because the screens can be easily flipped. For example, from displaying medical provider-only content to general signage and messaging content.

Digital signage technology can help the quick-service restaurant (QSR) retailer provide a safer, more responsive, and results-oriented experience in-store or in the drive-thru. And many new-generation content management system platforms are optimized for restaurants from QSR to fast casual to full-service dining.

Physical Security
As physical security needs have evolved in every vertical, new-generation video solutions will unlock new market opportunities. These will be the big video-based opportunities in 2021.

4K and IP video: 4K resolution video will be essential. If your customers haven’t replaced their old security cameras, they will fail to meet the most basic new security requirements. They need to replace even their older digital and IP-based cameras with ultra-high-definition 4K resolution video cameras. And Internet protocol, or IP, cameras are replacing analog cameras because of their ease of installation and scalability, and because they more seamlessly feed data into enterprise systems for intelligence and analytics.

Video surveillance cameras can do double duty for health/safety: Facility managers of every kind are looking for health and safety monitoring solutions to smooth the return “back to work” and “back to shopping” needs. But can they source cameras that do both security/building surveillance and safety monitoring? They can now. Using an AI-enabled security camera, managers can not only monitor for traditional kinds of security such as unauthorized access and shrinkage, but they can also monitor for maximum occupancy.

Multi-sensor cameras: While the need to upgrade to pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras was compelling in recent years, multi-sensor cameras are growing in popularity. A multi-sensor camera has one housing with four cameras inside it and capture more video at more angles. You can get 20 megapixels, combined, from the four cameras in one unit. This offers more advantages over standard PTZ cameras.

Key takeaway: There’s opportunity to grow your business in 2021 by providing the latest, most in-demand pro AV, digital signage, and physical security solutions. Partner with SYNNEX advisors for help unlocking new opportunities.