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Address the Evolving Needs in Education

The SYNNEX education team knows the value of designing a 21st century classroom that transforms learning through communication and collaboration. We offer products that are easy to use and increase student engagement. From digital signage to physical security and classroom collaboration tools, we provide it all.

The SYNNEX team can help you design a cutting-edge solution to teach students in spaces ranging from small classrooms to full-sized lecture halls in K-12 and higher education. We do that by creating systems that are uniform and easy to use. By keeping up to date on the latest EdTech trends such as blended learning, online learning, and virtual/video conferencing for schools, we’re able to design solutions that allow for personalized learning for all students.

SYNNEX employs a team of former educators who serve as subject matter experts. Our team understands product needs and deliver solutions that fit with the curriculum and content needs of our K-12 and higher education clients. We design active-learning classrooms that are grounded in best practices.

SYNNEX realizes the need for physical security in our schools. With surveillance cameras and access control, we’re able to help provide safe solutions to protect our teachers and students. Digital signage enables communication with students, teachers, and parents by broadcasting upcoming events, showcasing students work, and publishing menus and announcements.

To learn more about our innovative solutions in the education space, email us directly at or visit our site.

Federal, State, and  Local Governments

Don’t Miss Out On Government Opportunities!

SYNNEX GOVSolv offers a range of unique solutions pertinent to our partners selling into federal, state, and local agencies. SYNNEX’ government solutions enable you to diversify your government business with a minimal investment of time and money.

SYNNEX owns a number of federal, state, and local government and education contracts, many of which can be accessed by our reseller partners.

Click on the programs and solutions below to learn how they can benefit your state and local business.

SYNNEX’ Diversity Alliance Program is a community for our diversity partners, system integrators, and vendors that allows each of them to provide technology products for the government while fulfilling government targeted set-aside goals.

Learn more here.


SYNNEX realizes that the healthcare marketplace is multi-faceted and seeks to help partners focus where needs are large but competitors may not be active.

By developing unique relationships with vendor partners, leveraging our considerable public sector programs and resources, and building flexible finance options, SYNNEX helps partners engage the large addressable market in healthcare outside the largest hospital networks and IDNs.

Some of our healthcare solutions include:

Learn more about our diverse healthcare offerings by contacting our team directly at 866-488-7969 or

Technology in Hospitality

The hospitality industry is undergoing a technology-driven transformation. The number of solutions available are enabling a new level of customer service that leads to repeat sales. Hospitality businesses of every type can now take advantage easy-to-deploy and affordable technologies to meet guests’ expectations in terms of value and quality.

Let SYNNEX help you navigate the tops trends in the hospitality industry including digital signage, mobile device support, and increased security.

For inquiries, please contact

Case Studies

Below are several case studies you may find valuable.

New Three-Restaurant Complex with Kitchen Powered by Bematech

Samsung Smart TVs with H-Browser Provide Landmark Hotel a Streamlined and Cost Effective In-Room Entertainment Solution

Click here to read more.

Public Safety

SYNNEX has expanded the scope of our public sector group to include a focus on public safety, addressing the increasing need to equip law enforcement professionals with updated technology. According to the Center for Digital Government, the amount spent on technology within protection verticals by state and local governments was estimated at $7.3 billion.

Our public safety practice is managed by former public safety practitioners who worked on the front lines and understand how technology enhances an organization’s ability to effectively manage and protect their communities.

SYNNEX identified opportunities for the channel within public safety early on and has quickly developed a thorough strategy to help our solution providers grow their existing business. We also help solution providers break into this market with the expertise of former first responders and a portfolio of technologies that not only address end points needed, but the infrastructure to bring them together, providing real data to plan and react to.

Technology includes:

  • Mobile data terminals
  • Mobility in field operations
  • IT in police headquarters

The public safety team delivers the following services powered by the most current strategies for assessment/design:

  • Pre-sales consultation including assessments
  • Device selection
  • Migration strategies
  • Technology deployment
  • Managed care
  • Business development
  • Grant support

For additional inquiries, please contact our team at


At SYNNEX, we understand that retailers face new challenges each day, and we are prepared to deliver total technology solutions that stores need. Some of our solutions include barcodes, security cameras and sensors, and computers for retail use.

We also offer a range of solutions for grocery and convenience, as well as quick service and fast casual restaurants. Learn more here.


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