Pivot and Profit with Poly and SYNNEX Pivot

Sell collaboration solutions but not hardware? Interested in expanding your reach to offer the full solution? With the new SYNNEX Pivot Partner Program, available through Poly and SYNNEX Westcon, we leverage our combined experience and resources to close deals on your behalf.


Here’s how it works:

Ask your customer about their plans to deploy hardware like phones, head sets, monitors, interactive displays, and more.

Register the opportunity on our portal.

A SYNNEX Westcon business development rep will then contact the customer on your behalf for a brief discovery call. During this call, we’ll collect information and determine next steps. If warranted, we’ll follow up the call by scheduling a meeting with your customer and one of our solution architects and move through with the sale.

Profit! You may choose from billing options that include device-as-a-service, commission payout, net terms, and credit card.


Partner with SYNNEX Westcon and Poly to close more deals and pivot into new markets. For more information, contact the Poly team today. 864-349-4160 or poly@synnex.com