Vertiv works closely with its’ partners and customers to ensure continuity and achieve breakthrough outcomes, from design and commissioning through deployment, operation and service. With an extensive portfolio of power, cooling, IT infrastructure solutions and services that extends from the cloud to the edge of the network—including the Avocent®, Geist™ and Liebert® brands—Vertiv ensures its customers’ vital applications run continuously, perform optimally and grow with their business needs.

What sets Vertiv apart from its competitors is its’ extensive offerings and broad and deep understanding of the modern data centers, communication networks, and commercial and industrial facilities that enable the vital applications we depend on 24/7.


Vertiv – Avocent, Geist, Leibert

Liebert® – Liebert provides global power and thermal management solutions such as UPS, in row cooling, and integrated enclosures. These solutions ensure customers can continuously access their vital applications, protect their IT environment, and grow and adapt with changing requirements.

Avocent® (Cybex) – Avocent’s single point access KVM switches and serial consoles enables customers to have remote access to their multiple IT Devices anywhere, anytime. The Avocent IT Management suite provides one of the most SECURE and seamless in- and out-of-band access to your network devices.

Geist™ – Geist custom rack PDUs, In-row cooling, and Environmental Monitoring provide power and software solutions that can monitor customer’s data infrastructure. Geist custom solutions are delivered quickly and effectively to ensure flexibility and scalability for customer infrastructure deployments.

Vertiv Partner Program, Rewards, & Deal Registrations
  • Convenience – National sales coverage to help support you, dedicated Inside Sales Support, simple pricing, efficient quoting, easy-to use deal registration, and marketing automation platform.
  • Innovation – A full range of hardware, software and service solutions for our core brands to solve your customer’s edge infrastructure challenges, whether common or complex.
  • Competitive Profitability Programs – Rewards program, sales incentives/discounts, Co-Op/MDF programs.

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Ensure Your Critical Infrastructure is Always On

We depend on technology almost every moment of every day to enable our work, our communications, and our lives. For IT environments that are so vital and where downtime can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per outage, we understand how important it is that your applications always work. Whether you want to extend the service life of your UPS and battery system, improve efficiency, or increase availability, Vertiv has a service solution to meet your needs.

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Lithium-ion batteries are now being adopted for use with uninterruptible power supply (UPS) applications, to ensure uptime for mission-critical infrastructure in data centers and in IT deployments in remote locations. Lithium-ion batteries offer more reliable performance, require less maintenance and have a higher power density than lead-acid batteries. Lithium-ion batteries last two to three times longer than lead-acid batteries, resulting in fewer battery replacements and lower labor costs. Also, lithium-ion batteries include a battery monitoring system (BMS) and other features that help to ensure safe battery operation. While lithium-ion batteries’ initial cost is still higher than lead-acid batteries, this cost difference is shrinking. Lithium-ion batteries can now provide a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than lead-acid batteries in as little as five years. Over the typical service life of a UPS, it is estimated that a lithium-ion battery system can provide a TCO savings of 40% or more.

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